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The Living Costs in Zürich

July 07, 2021
Zürich, the capital city of Switzerland. The name alone inspires thoughts of big businesses, tons of money, ultimate luxury, and the like. Since the country is among the wealthiest in the world, it shouldn't surprise anyone that its capital city is an expensive city. Just visiting the place alone would cost you a lot of money, what more if you actually live here? If you have plans of relocating to Zürich, do you think you can afford it here? Will you empty your bank account even before your first year is through? Well, let's see! At least, for now, know the common living costs in Zürich!

The Living Costs in Zürich

Costs of Renting in Zürich

First thing's first, let's take a look at the common rental fees in Zürich. As you might expect, most of them are around thousands of Swiss Francs, with the minimum being CHF 1,200.00 a month. And that will just be a one-bedroom in the outer parts of the city. If you want a more luxurious home in the more central districts of the city, expect to face around CHF 1,500.00 to CHF 6,000.00 per month in rental fees. But if you don't mind living along the outskirts of the Swiss capital, the places here cost CHF 1,200.00 to CHF 3,000.00 per month.

Costs of Buying Property in Zürich

Should it really surprise you that buying your own home in Zürich would cost a lot of money? Even in lesser-known cities around the world, purchasing your own property is expensive. What more in the capital city of one of the wealthiest countries in the world? Right now, the price per square meter for a home in the central areas of Zürich ranges from around CHF 10,000.00 to CHF 16,000.00. Even if you choose an outer district to settle down in, the costs for buying a home here would still be around CHF 5,005.22 to CHF 12,000.00 per square meter.

The Living Costs in Zürich

Utilities Costs

Now, let's talk about utilities! Surely, these basic monthly costs won't be that high, right? Correct! The common utilities costs in Zürich are from CHF 120.00 to CHF 340.00 a month. Take note, these already include your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and more! Now, what about getting wifi in your home here? How much would that cost you? Well, depending on which telecommunications company you go for, the common costs for wireless internet in the Swiss capital is around CHF 39.00 to CHF 80.00 a month. Also not bad if you consider the whole grand scheme of things!

Food Costs

Food, the most basic of basic necessities. You'd think that something this necessary wouldn't cost all that much, even in Zürich, right? Well, don't underestimate the Swiss capital. Compared to those in other cities, regardless of their respective currencies, the total cost for food here is noticeably higher. Specifically, the total common median price for a trip to the grocery store is CHF 168.25. This will already include a loaf of bread, a carton of milk. 2.5 liters of water, fruits, vegetables, different types of meat, snacks, and even alcohol too. Yes, it costs that much to get all of these that can last you around one to two weeks tops!

The Living Costs in Zürich

Dining Costs

With that said, that doesn't mean that eating in Zürich will always leave you at the brink of bankruptcy. Even when you decide to dine out, as long as you stay within your budget, you can still enjoy the city's culinary scene. Of course, if you go to any of Zürich's finest culinary hotspots, expect to face inexplicably high costs. But if you were to eat at a cheap restaurant, for instance, it would only cost you around CHF 17.00 to CHF 40.00 per meal. As for a full course meal for two, going to a mid-range establishment will only cost you CHF 80.00 to CHF 150.00 in total!

Transportation Costs

With a city as big as Zürich, expect that public transport here will be effective and efficient. But how much will it cost you? That's the bigger question! If you were to get a travel pass that's good for, at most, an entire month, it'll cost you around CHF 80.00 to CHF 170.00. If you decide to take a taxi, know that the starting fare on the meter would be around CHF 6.00 to CHF 8.00. Moreover, if you booked that taxi through a transportation app, know that you will also be charged an additional service fee.

The Living Costs in Zürich

Clothing Costs

While Zürich is far from what many would consider a 'fashion capital,' since the Swiss have a stronghold of the global luxury market, as well as the wealth of the country overall, expect that many shops and boutiques here would be expensive. Designer brands and luxury labels have all set up shop here, some even have flagship stores too. However, if you want to cut back on your clothing expenses here, you can always shop at high street brands and cheaper shops. A piece from any such place would only cost you around CHF 29.00 to CHF 80.00.

Leisure Costs

Want to work out in Zürich? Prepare to shell out a ton of money. That is if you prefer to go to the more upscale and luxurious fitness clubs, which are a dime a dozen here in the Swiss capital. However, if you want to stick to a strict budget, going to a mid-range gym would only cost you CHF 50.00 to CHF 150.00 in membership fees. If you want to play sports on the weekends, renting a court would cost around CHF 25.00 to CHF 50.00 per hour. And when you want to relax instead, going out to see a movie would cost you CHF 17.00 to CHF 20.00 per ticket.

Childcare & Education Costs

Out of all the expenses you'll face in Zürich, spending money on your children would undoubtedly be one of the most expensive. But they're all worthy investments! After all, if you want to ensure your kid remains safe during the day when you can't look after him/her, enrolling him/her in a private daycare center that costs CHF 2.350.00 to CHF 3,000.00 wouldn't feel too unfair. And when he/she grows a little older, enrolling him/her in an international school in Zürich would only cost you around CHF 28,000.00 to CHF 36,000.00 per year. High costs, yes, but again, all worth it!

The Living Costs in Zürich

You probably don't need anyone to tell you that living in Zürich would cost a lot of money. However, you ought to take a look at the common living costs in the city before concluding whether you can actually afford to stay here or not!



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