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The Most Notable Swiss Mobile Networks

June 24, 2021
Switzerland, a country made up of 26 Cantons and its famous Alps, is a place you'll definitely need to stay connected. With a country as big as this, you'd do well in keeping in contact with everyone, whether they be your acquaintances here or those you know abroad. You never know where you might end up, what happens to you, and so on. So to be safe, join a local Swiss mobile network the moment you get here. It doesn't matter how long you'll stay here, it'll be wiser for you to get a local SIM card. And here are the networks to go for.

The Most Notable Swiss Mobile Networks


As of the moment, Swisscom is the largest mobile network in Switzerland. It currently has a stronghold of around 60% of the entire telecommunications market, further proving its immense popularity. Overall, the reason why so many people join this network is because it's entirely convenient. For now, Swisscom is one of very few telecommunications companies in the country that offer 5G data. You get incredible coverage and fast connection with plans that contain 5G. And even if you go for a prepaid SIM card, you can still get amazing promos that come with up to 10GB data. Not bad, right?

M-budget Mobile

Just as its name suggests, M-Budget Mobile offers the best cheapest plans in Switzerland. Generally, most of the network's plans, packages, and prepaid deals only cost up to CHF 50.00 per month. And whether you go for any of its two main package deals—Mini & Maxi—you'll get the better end of the deal financially. The Mini deal, for instance, already comes with unlimited calls and texts with as low as 1GB of data per month. The Maxi deal, on the other hand, can allow even the whole family to benefit from. This way, you can have great coverage and just focus your money on other expenses, such as basic expenses, taxes, and more.

The Most Notable Swiss Mobile Networks


Admittedly, the hassle of getting a postpaid plan can be too much. You have to keep on top of when you need to pay, be careful of using up all the data that comes with the plan, and so on. Though postpaid plans are often more convenient, prepaid SIM cards can also be easier to handle from time to time. That's why, if you prefer to go prepaid in Switzerland, you ought to go for the Sunrise network. This company specialized in prepaid SIM cards, offering the cheapest and most convenient packages with great promos as well.


If you do still go for a a postpaid plan, one of the best Swiss mobile networks, regardless of price, is Yallo. Though it's relatively new in the game, it has established itself as one of the top telecommunications in the country. The reason being is that most of their contracts contain clear and concise terms. They won't confuse you to get the better end of the deal—getting a plan here will ensure that you still get the best for your needs. Moreover, the network offers excellent 4G/LTE coverage, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are in the country.


Finally, there's UPC. Now, what makes this Swiss mobile network so noteworthy? It's the best and most recommended for expats and tourists. This is one of few companies in the country that offer deals and packages wherein you can still use your SIM card in other European countries. So even if you're only staying in Switzerland for a time, you can still make use of your plan wherever you go next. The only drawback, however, is that compared to the other mobile networks, UPC has the weakest data coverage despite operating on a 4G/LTE network. Still, the convenience of this network, especially for tourists, is head & shoulders above all the others.

The Most Notable Swiss Mobile Networks

With how big and busy a country Switzerland is, you'll really need to join a local mobile network to stay connected and keep in contact. Fortunately, these top five are among the best of the best, offering you convenient packages at agreeable prices.

Any of these great Swiss mobile networks will be good no matter where you are, whether in your luxury home here or out in the Swiss Alps!



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