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The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Switzerland

June 24, 2021
Switzerland is a more advanced country than you probably realize. Sure, with its famous mountainside towns and fairytale-like villages, it's easy to mistake the country as one that relies on nostalgia and classic charm. It's what draws many people to go here, after all. However, the country does have many of the present-day conveniences. Not the least of which are the popular transportation apps. Since Switzerland is a huge country, you'll need to have these on your phone so you can get around here with no problem at all. Here are the most useful ones that you can download and use in Switzerland.

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Switzerland


When it comes to transportation apps, the piooner of it all, Uber, will always be the most popular. And yes, the program operates here in Switzerland. Notably, it's feely available in many of the German-speaking cities, such as the capital, Zurich, as well as Basel, Bern, Lucerne, and Winterthur. You can still use Uber in other Swiss cities, but they might not operate as effectively as in the aforementioned metropolises. Nevertheless, this program has proven to be useful for those who need a ride. You have the choice of getting a luxury car, a normal taxi, and more.

SBB Mobile

Here in Switzerland, trains reign supreme. There are the transit systems in the cities as well as the inter-city and even international railroads that connect to neighboring countries. And when you're in need to take a train, there's no app more useful for you than SBB Mobile. This Swiss-run program will tell you everything you need to know about all the trains in the country. From specific routes to current timetables and even the current travel restrictions in place, this app will prove to be more than useful when taking public transport. Furthermore, you can also purchase e-tickets here as well, allowing you quicker access to the trains when you get there.

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Switzerland

PostBus Switzerland

While SBB Mobile is for the trains, PostBus Switzerland is for the buses. Available for both iOS and Android, this program will tell you everything you need to know about the buses in the country. It's perfect for those taking public transport, both in the big cities and going from one town to the next. Practially the best part about it is that most of its information is real-time. If there are delays, accidents, and cancellations, and the like, this app will alert you in real-time. Not to mention the option of purchasing your bus tickets online as well. Talk about useful, right?


Despite its name, this app doesn't only work in Rome or Rio exclusively. Fortunately, you can download and use Rome2Rio in Switzerland too. And you might want to do it too. Why? Because this app is all about giving you a multitude of options to get to where you need to be. Unlike some of the previously mentioned apps, Rome2Rio gives updated information about how to go from point A to point B, be it by train, bus, taxi, and more! The best part is the distance from both places can be as far as coming from now Canton to the next.

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Switzerland


From Croatia to Morocco, Citymapper has proven to be an internationally popular transportation app. And why wouldn't it be? It's definitely one of the finest journey-planning programs out there. Fortunately, you can use this app here in Switzerland too and you're gonna need to! If you're one to take public transport to get around, no other program would be more useful than Citymapper. Particularly useful in the big cities, this app shows you a ton of options on how to get to your destinations. With each option, you also get to know how long you'll be in transit, your estimated time of arrival, and how much you'll have to pay.

SEPP Parking

If there's one thing that all big cites in Switzerland have in common, it's the difficulty of finding the right parking space. Where can you park your car or bike that's nearest to your place? Will you be assured that your vehicle will remain safe there? And how much will you have to pay in order to park there? These are all questions that SEPP Parking answers. This works on all areas where you can park in the country. Just look out for the yellow SEPP sticker, open your app, swipe at the right time, and you're good to go!

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Switzerland

If you ever need help getting around Swizterland, just download these useful transportation apps. All of these have proven to be more than efficient in helping users reach their destination in no time and with no problem at all.

You'll be happy to know that most of these transportation apps will be useful to getting you back you luxury home in Switzerland!



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