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The Most Notable International Schools in Zürich

July 01, 2021
Zürich, a major city in Switzerland, is considered a major hub for many things. It's a massive financial hub, central to the economy, and home to the many big banks in the country. It's also a huge business hub, where various local and multinational companies have set up shop. With all of that said, is it also an academic hub? At least, for foreign students, it is. For expat kids whose families have moved to Zürich, the city's international schools allow them to continue their studies and reach their potential. Here are a few worth mentioning.

The Most Notable International Schools in Zürich

Zurich International School

Considered as the top international school in the city, the Zürich International School starts off this list. The institution offers an International Baccalaureate program with both American and Swiss curriculums. And among its 1,200 students, there are 70 different nationalities, all speaking at least 40 languages overall. As a high-stakes academic institution, the Zürich International School strives to help students reach their utmost potential, particularly when it comes to their higher education. For many years now, the school has served as a major stepping stone to getting into the best universities in the UK, the US, in Europe, and more!

International School - Zurich North

Teaching kids aged 3 to 18, the International School - Zurich North is a place where your little ones can grow and develop. Though it's one of the smaller institutions on this list, it continually provides a safe space for kids, both local and foreign, to learn and study together comfortably. It makes sense that the school's slogan on their official website says, 'Find Your Place.' Above everything else, the International School - Zurich North aims to help little ones figure out themselves, realize their full potential, and polish their skills.

The Most Notable International Schools in Zürich

International School of Central Switzerland

Another of the smaller international schools in Zürich is the International School of Central Switzerland. In many ways, this institution and the International School - Zurich North are relatively similar. Both schools strive to highlight a student's individuality on top of piling on the academics. The major difference here is that the former is a premier British institution, offering the UK curriculum to both local and foreign children in the Swiss capital. Cultivating a family-oriented environment to leave out the intimidation of learning such a curriculum, the students here get to study at their own pace.

SIS Swiss International School Männedorf-Zürich

You can say that the SIS Swiss International School Männedorf-Zürich offers students the best of both worlds. Thanks to its location, they get to learn in an area that offers both rural and urban lifestyles. The only downside here is that it can get tricky to get to even via public transport. Secondly, the school stands proudly as a bilingual school, offering classes in both German and English as a way to bridge the gap between the locals and the foreigners. Through this, the institution fosters a welcoming and unifying environment where students are free to learn, make friends, and be whoever they want.

The Most Notable International Schools in Zürich

Tandem International Multilingual School

Speaking of languages, the Tandem International Multilingual School proudly offers a myriad of them for its students to learn freely. Though the main ones are English and German, they also get to learn French, Italian, Spanish, and more. The idea is to foster in them a good sense of globalism, allowing them to earn the necessary skills to navigate life all over the world. In its own roundabout way, the school intends to groom future diplomats, ambassadors, and possibly even world leaders. In the Tandem International Multilingual School, the world is the students' oyster!

Institut Montana Zugerberg

Offering both an International Baccalaureate program and the national British curriculum to match, Institut Montana Zugerberg is one of the heavily academic schools on this list. It takes pride in its high-quality international education, aiming to groom its 330 students of 45 different nationalities to reach greater heights. Though the standard for success here remains high, the institution is not so strict that it intimidates the little ones. On the contrary, it riles up their competitive spirits and motivates them to do their best in every test, assignment, exam, and more. It's definitely one of the best of the best in Zürich.

The Most Notable International Schools in Zürich

It's safe to say that Zürich is not only a business and financial hub of Switzerland, it's also a central academic hub! These fine international schools prove that the quality of education in the Swiss city remains ever high!

Most of these international schools in Zürich are the cream of the crop. A good many of them are even located in places where you can choose a luxury home to settle down in!



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