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The Top Places To Eat in Zürich

July 02, 2021
One of the main reasons why Switzerland is such a fascinating country is that it's a combination of different cultures. The country embraces all of its German, French, and Italian influences, making for a unique culture that's as staunchly European as ever. Argubaly, the best part about this is the food. Here in Zürich, for instance, the financial hub of Switzerland, the best places to eat here comprise of cuisines and menus from all three cultures and beyond. This allows any lucky foodie to taste the world in one beautiful place. And among them, here are some of the best of the best hotspots.

The Top Places To Eat in Zürich

The Restaurant at Dolder Grand

The Dolder Grand is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Swiss business hub. Heck, it's one of the most famous in Zürich Canton as well! Of course, its prominence also makes its in-house restaurant one of the best places to eat in the city. One of the most exclusive restaurants in Zürich, this Michelin-starred hotspot is all about fine dining. Its menu, crafted by the genius head chef Heiko Nieder, includes only the finest of French haute cuisine. Pair that with the place's amazing views of the Swiss Alps and you've got yourself a five-star dining experience you'll never forget!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: The Dolder Grand Facebook Page

Les Halles

Just because Zürich is one of the most luxurious cities out there, that doesn't mean that all the worthwhile foodie hotspots here are all about fine dining. Take Les Halles, for instance. A factory converted into a restaurant, its comfortable ambiance, homely appeal, and approachable nature has made it one of the most popular hangouts in the Swiss capital. With its mix of Italian and French cuisines—focusing on comfort food and delicacies, no less!—both tourists and locals alike can have fun, socialize, and simply have a good time here. As for what you should order, its famous pairing, moules et frites (mussels and French fries), are a must!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: Les Halles

Maison Manesse

With a motto like 'Open for Everyone,' you'd think Maison Manesse would have the same sort of carefree vibe as Les Halles. But when you actually go here, you'll quickly realize that you were deceived! The place itself reeks of upscale luxury, what with its modern and sleek ambiance, fine dining system, and cosmopolitan energy. The food, however, proves that this maison might still be as casual as the motto suggests. Serving up some delicious seafood and vegetarian dishes, they cater to customers of all lifestyles and tastes. Particularly if that taste is that of a more Mediterranean flavor!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: Maison Manesse Facebook Page

White Elephant

Did you go all the way to Switzerland just to eat Thai food? Why not just go to Bangkok then? Surely the food there tastes much more authentic than here in Zürich, right? Be that as it may, sometimes, no matter where you are, if you get a craving for a particular cuisine, you won't help but get it no matter what. So if you're in this Swiss city and you suddenly want some Pad Thai, Gai hong Thai, Panang curry, and the like, look no further than White Elephant. This Thai restaurant is probably your best bet in indulging in the exotic Southeast Asian cuisine in Zürich.
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: White Elephant

Restaurant Volkshaus

While Volkshaus is a famous multipurpose venue in Zürich, its in-house restaurant has made waves in the country's culinary scene. It's mostly because it serves authentic Swiss cuisine in Zürich. From German delicacies to rich Italian dishes, all the influences in the country are prepared in the most delicious ways here. And despite all that, the place remains affordable for both locals and tourists alike. There's nothing on the menu that costs more than CHF 30.00! So if you're on a strict budget, you've just found the best foodie hotspot for you!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: Restaurant Volkshaus Facebook Page


Kronenhalle is well-regarded as a culinary landmark here in Zürich. Easily the oldest establishment on this list, this restaurant & bar has been around for generations. It even boasts a long list of historic patrons such as famed Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt and legendary artist Pablo Picasso, among many others. Offering delicious seasonal menus and daily recommendations, seeing what's on the menu is always a pleasant surprise, whether it'd be Italian, German, or French cuisine! But for the most part, people go here for the drinks and good company!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: Kronenhalle


Ahh, Italia! You can already tell from its name what this culinary hotspot is all about. As one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Zürich, it's become a heavy favorite among foodies, both local and tourists, who want to eat something hearty, rich, and flavorful. And boy does this place not disappoint! Its scrumptious menu of paninis, pizzas, pasta, and more—all made with authentic Swiss ingredients, no less!—will tantalize your taste buds until you're in culinary heaven. Add to that the delicious bottles of red you can enjoy as well and you'll definitely end up full and happy after your meal!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: Italia

Fischer's Fritz

Up for some seafood but without the razzle-dazzle of Swiss fine dining? Go to Fischer's Fritz! Located right by Zürich Lake, you don't just get your fair share of fish, prawns, and crustaceans! You also get to enjoy a stunning view of calm waters beside a Medieval-looking town. Quite the scene, isn't it? This is just what many love Fischer's Fritz. A serene dining experience where you simply get to enjoy the food and the view without the hassle of the bustling metropolis. It's no wonder that, despite being such a humble hotspot, it's become one of the most popular too!
The Top Places To Eat in Zürich
Source: Fischer's Fritz

Though it's far from what many would consider as a 'food capital,' the beautiful city of Zürich still has a lot to offer in terms of the great places to eat! From local delicacies to exotic cuisines, simply eating out here is quite the adventure!

Taste the delicious food of Zürich among all these incredible hotspots! They're so good, you'll want to bring back some leftovers to enjoy in your luxury home here!



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