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The Top Cruise 2021 Collections From Paris

July 03, 2021
Summer has finally arrived in France which means there's plenty to be excited about. Going outside and enjoying some much-needed sunshine in Paris. Swimming and sunbathing along the beautiful coastlines of Saint Tropez. Going to a soiree on a yacht in Cannes. There's so much to do, you wouldn't know where to start. Or what to wear, for that matter. This season brings about the cruise collections among the most beloved designer brands. And among the 2021 collections showing in Paris, here are those that stood out and have set the trends for this summer.

The Top Cruise 2021 Collections From Paris


In the Paris fashion scene, Hedi Slimane never disappoints. Ever since the great Phoebe Philo resurrected Celine into being one of the best French designer labels around, Slimane continued on taking its popularity to new heights. His 2021 cruise collection is no different. Still baking on his 70s Parisian chic look, his casual approach highlights a nonchalant and slightly rebellious attitude. Who, in their right minds, would sport a fur coat and knitted sweater during summer? Celine girls, of course! Or more specifically, Hedi Slimane's Celine girls. Their effortlessness helps them stand out and break out from cruise fashion norms. Source: Celine Instagram Page


Far from the dreamy spectacles of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's current head designer, Virginie Viard, pared down the fashion house's iconic look to its bare essence. As the saying goes, 'God is in the details,' and in this collection, you'll need to really see these pieces up close to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and quality constructions that the brand is beloved for. But then, why such a simple collection? When the Chanel cruise 2021 was first shown in early 2020, it was the start of the Covid-19 global pandemic. It made sense for one of the grandest couture maisons to re-adapt Coco Chanel's old principle of simple, classic, and chic at a time when most of the world was in a state of emergency.
Source: Chanel YouTube Channel


While Chanel went 'back to basics' with their 2021 cruise collection, its main rival house, Christian Dior, went in the opposite direction. Instead of going for simplicity to resonate with the trying times, Maria Grazia Chiuri put forth an opulent Italian-inspired collection that was embroidered, embellished, and decorated to the nines. Inspired by her homeland's exuberant culture, the Italian designer offered colorful floral prints, dreamy embroidered tulle skirts, sensual corsets, and well-cut suits. Evidently, this wasn't a woman who was going to stay home. Though the silhouettes remained simple and streamlined, the Dior woman this summer is one with places to go and a life to enjoy.
Source: Dior YouTube Channel

Hervé Leger

Cruise collections are commonly worn during summer, which means you can expect them to have a tinge of sexiness that's right for the summer heat. And out of all the Parisian labels, the iconic Hervé Léger brand did it the best. The label's signature body-hugging silhouettes and skin-exposing styles took a decidedly simpler turn, going away with decorations and putting much more emphasis on the woman's body. Skin-tight dresses came in chic neutral tones with a few pops of teal, muted burgundy, further highlighting the collection's minimalist appeal. Whether you're staying at home or living the life outside—now that France has reopened!—these Hervé Léger work in any setting! Source: Hervé Léger Instagram Page

Isabel Marant

Among the many iconic French designer labels, Isabel Marant has been the most consistent about who her woman is. She has and will always be the cool Parisian chick, one that will look just as stunning in a simple pair of denim jeans as she would in a bedazzled dress. This summer, however, the Isabel Marant-brand of cool takes on a more mature look. There's still the skinny jeans and the paisley prints, but this time around, they're paired with exaggerated tailoring, animal motifs, and eye-popping color schemes. 80s-inspired silhouettes also found their way unto the scene, bringing forth a tinge of classic sophistication that, surprisingly, goes well with the Isabel Marant look. Source: Isabel Marant Instagram Page


'Opulence! You own everything!' This memorable line from the 1990 hit documentary, 'Paris is Burning,' has been making its rounds in the pop culture vernacular for a couple of years now. And out of all the 2021 cruise collections that came out of Paris, none would suit this zinger more than Lanvin's. Photographed against the stunning backdrop of Le Palais idéal, the label's cruise offering evoked the exuberance of the 1930s, the quirkiness of the 1960s, and the daring power look of the 70s and 80s. Designer Bruno Sialelli did not hold back in piling on the chic 20th-century references but reworked them in amazing textiles and startling lengths to give them a fresh contemporary appeal.
Source: Lanvin YouTube Channel

Louis Vuitton

If there's one designer who knows how to take your eyes on a trip, it's Nicolas Ghesquière! His 2021 cruise collection for Louis Vuitton emphasizes his fearlessness in confusing the eye. Horizontal stripes on long, streamlined trousers, stitching together shimmering textiles with matte materials on one garment, and balloon-ish shapes paired with body-hugging dresses. He's not and was never afraid to go over the deep end and put forth look after look that one can deconstruct, style together, and take down all over again yet still find something desirable. Such is the magic of one Nicolas Ghesquière! Fashion is like a game to him, which makes the collection's name, 'Game On,' even more appropriate!
Source: Louis Vuitton YouTube Channel

Miu Miu

While Miuccia Prada and her eponymous brand stand as one of the finest in Italian fashion, Miu Miu has consistently been a blend of the designer's Italian roots and French tendencies. That's why, for years now, Miu Miu has always shown during Paris Fashion Week. Despite its Italian origins, it's become known as a Parisian brand through and through. Just look at its 2021 cruise collection. With plenty of Breton shirts, ruffled crinoline skirts, Peter Pan collars, it's clear that Prada took inspiration from various haute couture influences. Yet they all have her signature naughty quirk that's quintessential 'Miu Miu' too! Source: Miu Miu Instagram Page

Make sure your summer in France will look chicer than ever with these amazing 2021 cruise collections from Paris. It's no wonder the French capital remains an authority in fashion! These latest lines prove that designers in this city still have a lot to offer!

All of these amazing designer cruise 2021 collections will look so good on you! Unfortunately, you can't wear them all the time but they'll fit nicely in your big closet in your luxury home here!



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