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What To Do in Paris During Pride Month

June 19, 2021
Every June, Paris celebrates Pride Month, an entire month dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. It's no secret that this community is one of the most marginalized in society and while their situation has gradually become better, it's still a far cry from the equality that they deserve and continue to strive for. That's why Pride month exists—to showcase their pride for their sexual orientation and gender identity and to promote the fight against discrimination and bigotry. Here in the socially liberated city of Paris, Pride month is alive and well every June and there's a lot to expect during this time!

What To Do in Paris During Pride Month

Show Off Your Love

What is Paris known for? Why, as the 'City of Love,' of course! Though the French capital has a lot to be proud of, Paris as a romantic city has always resonated with people the most. Just about every corner screams love, passion, romance, and a little bit of sex too. And what better way to celebrate Pride Month than to prove that 'Love Wins!' If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community and you have your own partner, show off your love to the world by going on romantic dates throughout the city. That alone is the essence of Pride Month even without the rainbow flags.

Shop Til You Drop

You probably know that June in Paris marks the beginning of summer. And apart from the hot weather and the abundant sunshine, this also means summer sales! Now, add to that the special discounts and promos various designer brands and outlet stores offer exclusively for Pride Month and you've got yourself quite the coveted sale. True, though Pride Month is supposed to be a form of protest and a harbinger of social change, it hasn't stopped corporations from commercializing it to earn more profit. And while you can fight against this and take back the true meaning of Pride Month, there's no reason why you can't benefit from it as well!

What To Do in Paris During Pride Month

Go Club-Hopping

Even when it's not Pride Month, Paris's LGBTQ+ community has always enjoyed the socially liberated and open society that the city has become known (and for others, infamous) for. For one thing, the nightlife scene in the French capital is certainly not lacking in places that welcome and specifically cater to the community. And during Pride Month, these same hotspots hold parties, raves, discounts on admission fees for the LGBTQ+, and more. Clubs like freedj and Le Dépôt become the hottest places to be once night falls in Paris in June. So let loose and have fun club-hopping when celebrating Pride Month here!

Attend Quinzaine des Fiertés

You could say that the Quinzaine des Fiertés is the backbone of Pride Month here in Paris. Having started in 2016, this event is actually recognized by both the City of Paris and the Île-de-France region, making it an official part of the city's festivities. It comprises a myriad of events held throughout the month of June, ranging from exhibitions and talks to concerts and parties. Most importantly, it collaborated with most of the biggest associations that work to protect the rights of the LGBTQ+, not just in Paris, but in the entire country. You shouldn't miss any of their events during Pride Month!

What To Do in Paris During Pride Month

Watch LGBTQ+ Films Outside

Although the Cannes Film Festival this year will be held from July 6 to 17, 2021, it might go head-to-head with another event of its kind in Paris. Though not necessarily an official event, per se, a number of movie theaters, public spaces, and even private businesses hold special screenings of LGBTQ+ movies to celebrate Pride Month. It's been a tradition in the French capital since it first started celebrating the annual social month-long holiday. The only exception was, of course, in 2020, when the entire country had to go on lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But even then, various streaming platforms featured gay, lesbian, and transgender-centric films nonetheless.

Join The Pride Parade!

Of course, what's Pride Month without the parade? And yes, this year, Paris will actually hold its annual Marche des Fiertés on June 26, 2021; the first time since it was canceled last year due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. As you might expect, however, the parade this year will be toned down, held without floats and podiums and social distancing will still be required. Nevertheless, the French capital will still be painted rainbow during this day, especially places like Place de la République, Montparnasse, and Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris spots that are part of the parade route this year.

What To Do in Paris During Pride Month

Everyone knows that in Paris, you're free to be whatever you want and love whoever you wish! But every June, this rings especially true as the French capital joins the LGBTQ+ in celebrating Pride Month! There's always a lot in store in the city during this annual month-long holiday!

You can celebrate Pride Month in Paris wherever you are, whether you're parading on the streets or simply enjoying time with your loved ones in your luxury home here!



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