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The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Morocco

May 06, 2021
Whatever you think Morocco is as a country, it's still one that's here in this day and age. Despite its extreme conservatism and preservation of ancient culture and heritage, Morocco is as modern a place as any other. What you can expect in other countries, you'll also find here. That goes for transportation apps too. Although the number of those that operate here is rather limited, there are still some that you can use while you're in Morocco. And they will help you better navigate the country and get around to as many places as you can!
The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Morocco


Need to get a ride? Use Careem! This ride-hailing app helps you book all sorts of modes of transportation when you need one. Whether you want to take a taxi or ride a private luxury car, you'll still get excellent service and reach your destination on time or even a little bit earlier! Also, one of its newer features is that you can now rent a bike using the app as well. No matter where you are, Careem gives you a ton of options to get to where you need to be! All you have to do is to open it, book what you need to book, and you're good to go!


Citymapper is a transportation app that operates around the world. You can use it in Portugal, Canada, the Philippines, and more. This also includes Morocco, of course! Now, what makes Citymapper noteworthy? It's one of the best public transit apps out there. It lays out all the options for public transport that you can go for in a certain city. And in each option, the app also details how long it will take you to get to your destination, how much it will cost you, and your estimated time of arrival. Talk about convenience, right?

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Morocco


Moovit, an app that's famous in other places like Monaco and Mexico, is a journey planner that can be very useful here in Morocco. Just like Citymapper, it tells you all the different public transport options you can go for to get to your destination. Most notably, it also works in real-time! For instance, if you want to ride a specific bus route in Marrakech but the next bus suddenly breaks down, Moovit will inform you of it the moment it happens. You'll get all the latest updates you need when it comes to public transit in Morocco!


Finally, there's Weego! What separates this public transit app from all the others that have been mentioned is that it's a Moroccon program. Made and introduced here in the country, it's as local as it can get for a transportation app. More than just giving you information about the various public transport options in various Moroccan cities, Weego can also serve as your GPS when you're driving your own car. It will tell you which streets to take, which roads to avoid, and if there are accidents in your route in real-time! How's that for helpful?

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Morocco

Although Morocco looks like an ancient civilization revived in the 21st century, it's as contemporary a country like any other. These transportation apps will remind you of all of the conveniences of today's public transport here in Morocco!