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Where To Get Good Coffee in Montmartre

May 12, 2021
For a lot of people, Paris is all about café society! Sure, the iconic monuments, the top tourist attractions, and the opulence of the French capital are all fascinating in their own right, but this city is all about drinking coffee on a terrace while watching the city life pass you by. It's part of Paris's charm, what makes it unique and novel against the other beautiful cities out there in the world. And arguably, some of the best are in Montmartre. This district in Paris practically defines café society, most especially these notable ones!
Where To Get Good Coffee in Montmartre

Café des Deux Moulins

You probably didn't expect a movie star to make it to this list, did you? But that's exactly what Café des Deux Moulins, located along Rue Lepic, has become over the years. Thanks to the Academy Award-winning film, 'Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain,' this bright red café is a go-to hotspot in Montmartre. The place is just as charming in person as it was in the film, complete with a beautifully preserved pre-war ambiance and delicious coffee to boot. You can't help but feel a wave of nostalgia wash all over you as you take a sip and bite into a treat here!

Soul Kitchen

If you ever wondered why Montmartre is known as the 'hipster haven' among the many districts in Paris, just head on over to Soul Kitchen along Rue Lamarck. Paring their hot cups of coffee is a gluten-free menu that will make even the most hardcore carnivores go vegan. What would often be Parisian puff pastries and delectable desserts that go well with coffee are replaced by fresh salads, mushroom soup, a bowl of quinoa, vegetarian quiche, and the like. It's a healthier take on the Parisian pastime of drinking coffee here in the heart of Montmartre!

Where To Get Good Coffee in Montmartre

Sylon de Montmartre

A rustic wooden exterior, standing out with its rich brown hue, will likely catch your eye as you stroll along the downward slope of Rue Piemontesi. And when you go inside, you'll find that it offers delectable coffee with comfort food ready to make you feel all cozy inside. That's the type of atmosphere and vibe to expect in his Montmartre café. Be it for breakfast or brunch, it's all about the relaxing properties of coffee here. Eat your troubles away and enjoy the best comfort food this side of Paris has to offer! You won't regret it!

Cafe Marlette

What started out as a pastries shop along Rue des Martyrs, ended up becoming the famous Cafe Marlette in Montmartre! Nowadays, with coffee supplied by Maison Coutume, this place is a go-to relaxing hotspot for tourists and locals alike. The sweet treats remained the same, delicious and satisfying as ever, most especially when paired with their expertly brewed cups. Beillevaire cheese and different types of quiche satisfy those who prefer a more savory selection with their caffeine. Either way, everyone wins in Cafe Marlette. They stand proof that a good café isn't just about good coffee, but how your customers feel when they're there!

Where To Get Good Coffee in Montmartre

Café Lomi

You don't have to worry about getting to Café Lomi, especially if you're using public transport. Since the café is a stroll away from the Marcadet-Poissonniers metro stop, you'll get here in no time. And don't worry, all your efforts in navigating the busy public transport in Paris will not be in vain. Once you get a sip of the delicious coffee here, all your troubles will just melt away. And they're exotic cups of coffee too, made with beans from countries like Ethiopia, El Salvador, and the like! Don't you just love tasting the world through coffee?

The Hardware Société Paris

The wall of colorful butterflies inside The Hardware Société Paris will probably grab your attention even from the outside. And when you take a peek inside, you'll instantly want a table the moment you get a whiff of the freshly brewed cups of coffee, baked goods that were just taken out of the oven, as well as the sounds of calm idle chatter among the other customers. That's how peaceful and homely the feel is at this café on Rue Lamarck. As for the food to pair with coffee, a hearty mix of French delicacies and American snacks (with a French twist, of course) will have you salivating for more!

Le Rocketship

Despite its funny name, Le Rocketship is actually a quaint little retreat of a concept shop in Montmartre. Now, you may be thinking: what's a concept shop that sells plants, stationary, and board games doing on this list? Well, if not for its excellent coffee bar, Le Rocketship would definitely not make it on this list! But the espresso shots and cups of café au lait are just so damn good here, it'd be hard not to take notice. Mind you, if a mere coffee bar is as good as full-blown cafés, then it's really something special, don't you think?

Where To Get Good Coffee in Montmartre

Where to get good coffee is probably one of the hardest questions to ask while you're in Paris. Most especially when you're in the district of Montmartre, where café society reigns supreme and everyone's favorite pastime here is going to the nearest coffee shop!

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