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The Crime Rate in Philadelphia

April 09, 2021
Living in the city is the American dream, isn't it? To be in the middle of all the action. To live amidst the hustle and bustle. And to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life! There's arguably nothing more American about that! New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and even Washington D.C.—these are some of the most famous and most populous cities in the US. But what they also all have in common, unfortunately, is that they're notorious for having high crime rates. Big cities aren't all that safe, after all. And sadly, Philadelphia joins this list!
The Crime Rate in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons/© Zuzu

Philadephia's General Crime Rate

As of 2021, Philadelphia's general crime rate is 74.46%, one of the highest in the country. It's even higher than those of New York and Los Angeles, two of the most notoriously crime-ridden cities in the US! That's how startingly high it is! Although in terms of popularity Philadelphia arguably doesn't hold a candle to the two aforementioned cities, it was always one of the least safe places in the country as a whole. Most especially since the rate of increasing crimes here is at a high 67.83%. Things are, unfortunately, not looking good for the city!

The Highest-Rated Crimes in Philadelphia

So, which crimes are to blame for Philadelphia's high crime rate? At 75.92%, drug dealing is the city's highest-rated crime. It seems that not even Philadelphia can escape this worldwide problem. Other cities, especially those in Europe like Monaco and Dublin, all have drugs as their main problem when it comes to crime. After that, assault and armed robbery both rank as the second-highest-rated crime in the city with a combined rate of 69.23%. This alone has caused major alarm among residents in Philadelphia, With such a violent crime this common in the city, it's no wonder it's not as popular as New York or LA.

The Crime Rate in Philadelphia
Source: Flickr.com/ chrisinphilly5448

Crimes To Watch Out For in Philadelphia

Other crimes that you still need to watch out for are vandalism & theft, car theft, and corruption & bribery. The first pair, vandalism and theft, both rate at 68.01%, making it the third-highest in the city. This will probably make you think twice about owning a home in Philadelphia, especially in the more urban areas. The next crime, car theft, is rated 62.97%. This fouth-highest-rated crime in the city poses a huge concern for car owners in Philadelphia. And the last pair, corruption & bribery, comes at fifth-highest-rated at 62.87%. Although it's not a violent crime, it can still very much affect those working in the city.

How Safe Is Walking in Philadelphia?

With all that said, is it safe to walk around Philadelphia, at least? During the day it is! Despite the city's general crime rate and the highest-rated crimes, it's actually 63.53% safe to explore the many districts of Philadelphia. this rate is actually considered high on the scale, allowing you to go about freely in the city with few risks of getting caught into trouble. But come nightfall, however, the safety rate dramatically drops to 31.90%, practically half of the daytime rate. This only goes to show just how dangerous Philadelphia is once the sun goes down!

Areas To Avoid in Philadelphia

Since it's pretty clear that Philadelphia is far from the safest city in the world, there is, at least, a way to stay safe here, right? Correct! And that's to avoid all the dangerous areas in the city. Fairhill, for instance, is infamous for being a den of drug dealing. Since this crime is currently the highest-rated in the city today, this makes the neighborhood even more dangerous. As is Alleghany West, a district that has the highest unemployment rate—21.23%—in the entire city. It's fairly obvious that corruption and bribery have dominated this part of Philadelphia.

The Crime Rate in Philadelphia

Although Philadelphia seems like such a fun, energetic, and lively city, it's actually one of the most dangerous in the USA. With such high crime rates, it makes even the likes of New York and Los Angeles seem likes safe havens!

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