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Girona Living Costs: What To Know

March 03, 2021
Girona isn't exactly a city known for a lot, is it? It's possible that non-travelers don't even know this city exists. When it comes to Spain, cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Ibiza are often what people know about. Very rarely does Girona get noticed at all. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because it's not as popular a place as the other cities, this makes Girona a fairly affordable place to go to. It's not an understatement to say that, compared to more famous places, staying in Girona is practically cheap. Here are its living costs.
Girona Living Costs: What To Know

Costs of Renting in Girona

Let's start with the rent! The common price points of rental fees in a city often determine if it's generally expensive or affordable to stay there. When you see how much rent commonly costs in Girona, you'll automatically know that it's an entirely affordable city. While other cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and more have their rental costs ranging in the thousands, here in Girona, you can actually ger a luxury apartment that'll only cost you only a couple of hundred Euros. Specifically, the cheapest rental fee you can get here is €350.00 while the most expensive is €1,000.00.

Costs of Buying Property in Girona

Even buying a property in Girona isn't all that expensive. Or, at the very least, not when you compare it to how much it costs in a city like Paris, for instance. In the French capital, buying any property would already cost you hundreds of thousands of Euros. But here in Girona? A home in any of the city's central districts will cost you around €2,500.00 to €3,412.00 per square meter. Meanwhile, property along the outskirts of town will only cost €1,500.00 to €1,850.00 per square meter. They're not too bad in the whole grand scheme of things!

Girona Living Costs: What To Know

Utilities Costs

What about your utilities costs here? Are they any better? Yep! They're practically loose changes compared to how much you have to pay for utilities in other cities! For all your basic bills, it will only cost you around €100.00 to €200.00 per month. That will already include your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and the like. As for your wifi connection, even if you get a plan from Spain's most prominent telecommunications companies, this will only cost you €30.00 to €50.00 a month! Now those a great deals you ought to not miss!

Food Costs

Food is also pretty cheap in Girona. But that doesn't mean the quality is low! Of course, if you shop at the upscale stores in the city, your food costs will go high no matter what. But if you stay within the mid-range grocery stores, you'll likely only have to pay a common total median price of €61.59. This includes a dozen eggs, different types of meat, vegetables, a loaf of bread, and more too. That almost seems insane, right? That for less than €100.00 you can get all of these that can last you around one-to-two weeks tops? Well, in Girona, that's the way it is!

Girona Living Costs: What To Know

Dining Costs

Though Girona has an excellent array of restaurantst, dining in this city isn't all that expensive. You can still go out and enjoy the best of Girona's culinary scene has to offer without the risk of breaking the bank. But that also doesn't mean you have to settle for low-quality food either! A mid-range place can still serve some mean Catalan cuisine that will only cost you €10.00 to €15.00 per meal. And if you want to treat someone special to a three-course meal, you'll only have to pay around €40.00 to €50.00 overall.

Transportation Costs

Though it seems like such an old-school city, almost to a fault, Girona's public transport is alive and well. Whether you take a bus or taxi, you can still go anywhere within (and even beyond!) the city thanks to public transportation. But how much will that cost you? Well, a single ride will normally cost you €1.40 to €2.50. Double that number for a round-trip and you'll only have to pay €2.80 to €5.00 to go back and forth. You can always buy your own car here, but do know that it'll cost you €20,000.00 to €25,000.00 for one regardless of brand and model.

Girona Living Costs: What To Know

Clothing Costs

Girona is known for its scenic sights, beautiful attractions, and novel Mediterranean vibe. It's far from the fashion capital that Paris, Milan, or even Barcelona are. So when it comes to clothes, you don't have to worry about paying a lot. Though there are still some luxury brands here and there, clothing costs in Girona are fair average. You can always focus on high street brands, for instance, which will cost you €20.00 to €40.00 a piece! While a pair of sneakers from a famous sportswear brand often costs around €60.00 to €80.00.

Leisure Costs

Speaking of sneakers, you'll need a new pair if you want to work out in Girona. The city has a few gyms and fitness centers you can joining which won't cost you more than €50.00. Do keep in mind, however, that premium gyms will, of course, cost a lot more. But getting a membership at a mid-range establishment will only cost you €30.00 to €50.00 a month. That's not too bad, right? Even better is the fact that going to the movies is also cheap here! A movie ticket only costs around €6.90 to €8.50.

Childcare & Education Costs

As for your child's education, though the costs here are generally lower than those in other cities, they're still the highest among all of them. Taking your little one to a private daycare center, for instance, will cost you €212.00 to €350.00 a month. And when they grow up, if you want to enroll him/her in a private international school in Girona, get ready to face tuition fees that will likely cost €7,200.00 to €8,379.00 a year! These costs are for your child's future, after all. All of these big investments are definitely worth it!

Girona Living Costs: What To Know

While Girona is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, it's also one of the most affordable. With such low costs here in this Catalan paradise, you wouldn't believe it! You might even end up wanting to move here right away!