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A Few Of Girona's Best International Schools

February 26, 2021
London, New York, Brussels. These are just some cities in the world known for their excellent schools. Around the world, they're considered the epicenters of academic excellence. People move to these cities just to go to the top educational institutions there. But don't think they're the only places on the entire planet that provide high-quality education. Even a small, rural, and underrated city like Girona in Catalonia, Spain can teach students well too. Most especially their international schools! Here are some you ought to know if you intend to move to this city and let your kids continue their education here.
A Few Of Girona's Best International Schools

International School Costa Brava

Arguably the most renowned educational institution for young kids in Girona is the International School Costa Brava. Opening a world of opportunities for the local and foreign kids in the city, it's global education at its finest. All classes are taught in English, allowing for students who can't speak Spanish a chance to learn without the language barrier in the way. It also helps that the campus is, itself a natural wonder, boasting its own forest as well as well-kept facilities for the students' benefit. Overall, the school provides the perfect environment and programs so that the children can eventually reach greater heights.

University of Girona

Despite its rural nature, Girona actually has its own university. And over the years, countless students from around the world have transferred to the University of Girona to continue their higher education. Thanks to its open and welcoming environment, the international caliber of courses and programs, and massive campus, both undergraduate and graduate students are able to follow through on their studies at a comfortable and consistent phase. The university is also able to offer scholarship programs for deserving scholars who may not be able to afford the normal tuition fee here. Though it's far from London's top universities, the University of Girona is still an academic gem of its own!

A Few Of Girona's Best International Schools

Saint George's School

Going back to primary and secondary schools, Saint George's School is truly among the best in Girona. A proper Catholic school in a country that's deeply rooted in the Christian faith, this school upholds its own set of values without closing its doors to modern-day liberation and inclusivity. At the crux of this school is a safe and secure environment where kids can grow up to be who they want to be, explore all sorts of opportunities, and reach their highest potential. It also helps that the institution offers an International Baccalaureate program that can push the kids to strive for academic excellence as well.

Montjuïc Girona International School

Since 1980, the Montjuïc Girona International School has been one of the most prominent institutions of its kind in Girona. Their main ace is their approach to teaching the kids. This school is one of very few that emphasized the value of a familial environment for learning and developing children. Going a little beyond the standard classroom setting, the school strives to maintain a comfortable and almost-familiar space for the young ones to be at ease as they study and work hard. They even provide their own dining and transportation services to make school life here that much better!

A Few Of Girona's Best International Schools

Montessori Palau Girona

With its clean facilities and wide campus, Montessori Palau Girona is also among the top international schools in Girona. At this institution, kids have everything they need at this disposal to learn, study, work, and enjoy their lives as they grow and develop. It helps that the school also puts equal emphasis on extracurricular activities. Apart from just focusing on academics, Montessori Palau Girona follows the path of many schools in Barcelona that also highlight a student's abilities in art, athletics, and others. After all, at the end of the day, the goal is to help kids grow up to be well-rounded, isn't it?

Helen Doron English Girona

Though more so a language school than a standard primary/secondary school, the Helen Doron English Girona school still deserves a spot on this list. After all, it's geared to help local (as much as foreign) students to better prepare for the international stage when they go out to the real world. As the name suggests, this school is all about learning and excelling in English. From proper grammar to going as far as to also teach formal English, this institution aims to guide non-English speakers to fluency. Only then will they be able to take the world by storm!

A Few Of Girona's Best International Schools

Just because Girona isn't at the level of other cities when it comes to academics, that doesn't mean that education here is any less! These well-respected and globally-recognized international schools stand testament to that!





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