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What To Know About Girona's Public Transport

February 26, 2021
With its traditional houses, rustic vibe, and old-school Mediterranean feel, Girona feels like it's from another time, doesn't it? The city looks straight out of a period film. But that doesn't mean the place is all about the past. Girona still has a few modern-day conveniences that will also find in other cities. Not the least of which is everyday public transport. From taxis and buses to even transportation apps, the many systems in place here will remind you that Girona still stands strong in 2021. And you can just as easily enjoy your stay here thanks to them!
What To Know About Girona's Public Transport

Boarding Buses

As you'd expect, the most common way for people to get around in Girona is to ride the bus. Since the city is relatively small, there are only about ten bus lines available here. But don't think that they're not enough! Most of the stops of ten lines are located throughout all the neighborhoods of Girona. It's unlikely that there won't be one near your destination. Furthermore, a lot of these lines even go beyond Girona's city limits and to other towns in Catalonia. You can easily go to Barcelona, Tarragona, Figueres, and more if you ride them!

How To Get A Taxi

If in the rare case that you can't find a bus line that can take you near your destination, you can always take a taxi. They also have multiple stops throughout the city but the main one where you're guaranteed to get a ride is at the Girona railway station. This is the central starting point for all cabs that travel across Girona and, at times, towards other nearby cities in Catalonia as well. Moreover, if you or your company is wheelchair-bound, you can call to ask for adaptable taxis that can board such passengers.

What To Know About Girona's Public Transport

Riding Your Bike Around

When all else fails, you can always ride your bike. Similar to Barcelona, Girona is a great place to travel by bike. Though a lot of streets here are narrow, you can easily cycle throughout all the districts of the city. The fresh air doesn't hurt either! Thanks to its largely traditional and old-school structure, Girona isn't as polluted as other 'more advanced' cities. Very rarely is the air so polluted that riding a bike won't be a safe and healthy option to get around. In fact, since it is common to ride your bike, even that has contributed to the cleaner air thanks to lessened car pollution!

Getting To and From The Airport

Located south-west of the city, the Girona–Costa Brava Airport is an international airport that sees several flights every day. It's not necessarily the busiest airport in Spain by any means, but it's still bustling just the same. It's among one of the most active airports in Catalonia. Because of this, various shuttle services, taxis, and even bike rentals are all on offer to help people access public transport as soon as they land. You won't have to worry too much about getting to where you need to be in Girona. You can make use of any of the systems waiting at the airport.

What To Know About Girona's Public Transport

Vehicles You Can Rent in Girona

Apart from bikes and taxis, there are other vehicles you can rent in Girona. Hiring a car, for instance, is completely common in this city. Most commonly hired by tourists to take them around the city the moment they land, various car rental companies have skyrocketed to immense popularity over the years. Minibusses are also, surprisingly, becoming popular in Girona. Though they're mostly hired by companies who go on group business trips and the like. No matter which one you go for, it will cost you a lot more to rent any of these vehicles than to just ride an ordinary bus or hail a taxi yourself.

Using A Transportation App

Speaking of such rental services, a good many of them have their own apps available online. This only makes it clear that using a transportation app in Girona is an absolute must. Remember that this city isn't as urban as many of its neighboring towns and other cities around the world. You'll benefit a lot when it comes to public transport when you make use of the apps available in Spain. Ride-hailing apps, for instance, can get you a ride no matter where you are. And if you need info on the different bus lines in Girona, there are apps to help you with that too!

What To Know About Girona's Public Transport

Girona may seem like this rustic old city that's too old-school but it's really not. Even something as convenient as public transport is available in this Catalonian paradise. You won't have a hard time getting around here, that's for sure!