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Understanding The Crime Rate In Girona

February 26, 2021
It's important that people remember just how safe the city they're in really is. More often than not, on the topic of crime-infested cities, there's a lot of irony in the mix. For instance, most of the capital cities of various countries, despite being the seat of power in their respective nations, are actually some of their most dangerous places. It applies to Paris, Washington D.C., Bangkok, and more. But at the same time, just because a city seems quiet and remote, that doesn't guarantee ultimate safety either. It really all depends on how the city is run and is protected. Case in point: Girona!
Understanding The Crime Rate In Girona

Girona's General Crime Rate

As of the moment, the current general crime rate of Girona is at 41.07, moderately high. Although in most cases, the more rural and quieter the town is, the likelier its general crime rate is low. Girona's case proves that that's not always the case. This doesn't necessarily mean that Girona isn't a safe city. In fact, Barcelona has it worse at 48.17%. However, people still need to stay alert while they're here. Especially since the rate of increasing crimes in the past few years is at 64.29%, considered high by most standards.

Girona's Highest-Rated Crimes

With that said, certain crimes are more committed than others. And it's these crimes that have pushed the general crime rate to a moderately-high level. And the rate of increasing crimes to go beyond 50%. Right now, vandalism and theft are the crimes people in Girona have to watch out for. They both rate at a combined 50%, a moderate level at best. This should post as a concern for tourists especially since, more often than not, they're the targets of pickpockets in the city. Despite how peaceful Girona is, those who aren't familiar with the city need to constantly be on-guard.

Understanding The Crime Rate In Girona

Girona's Other Commonly Committed Crimes

At 44.64%, drug-dealing ranks the second-highest-rated crime in Girona. This isn't exactly surprising considering other European cities, from Dublin to Monaco and more, also have serious drug problems. This issue is a major concern throughout all of Europe. And since the are a lot of secluded areas within Girona, this problem isn't getting solved just yet. Furthermore, Car theft and robbery both rank at third-highest with similar rates of 37.50%. Those who chose to rent vehicles as public transport should really be careful where they park them. You never know when you might be the next victim of these crimes.

Girona's Safety Rate For Walking Around

Despite all that, the safety rate in walking around in Girona looks surprisingly high. Despite robbery ranking high among the commonly committed crimes in the city, it's actually 80.36% safe to explore Girona during the day. You can go to any of the different neighborhoods in Girona and there's still a high percentage that you'll be safe from harm. At nightfall, however, the safety rate drops to a moderate 50.00%. It only goes to show that, even in a relatively peaceful city like Girona, nighttime becomes more dangerous for the people living and visiting here.

Understanding The Crime Rate In Girona

Girona's Political Situation

As Girona is part of Spain's Catalonia region, the city is embroiled in the tumultuous political situation surrounding this part of the country. In a nutshell, the region of Catalonia intends to separate from the rest of Spain and become its own independent state. The national government of Spain, on the other hand, is not in favor of it. Thus, conflicts between the two have resulted in rallies and protests that have, unfortunately, led to violence and crime. And even despite today's Covid-19 pandemic, the issue remains at the forefront in this part of the country. People living and visiting here ought to be careful regarding this situation.

Girona Tips to Staying Safe Here

When it comes to public transport, if you can afford it, make use of your transportation apps as much as you can. Particularly the ride-hailing platforms that can help you get a ride on a private car or a hired taxi. This isn't to say that public transport in Girona is dangerous, but rather, riding a taxi or a private car on your own is and has always been a safer option of travel no matter where you are. If you intend on exploring the city by day, it's better to do so with some company rather than just by yourself, especially if you're new to Girona.

Understanding The Crime Rate In Girona

Despite its peaceful atmosphere and rustic rural charm, Girona is far from the safest city in the world, let alone in Spain! Truth be told, a lot of the problems here are similar to those in other, more urban, more popular, and bigger cities!