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The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Spain

August 02, 2020
You might have an idealized version of what it's like to live in Spain. Sunshine all day long, paellas and tapas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and fiestas every other day! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? While this dream doesn't exactly paint an accurate picture of what life really is like in Spain, there's no denying that things have gotten easier recently. Especially in transportation. Thanks to the wonderful world of the smartphone, it's become a lot easier to go from one place to another in Spain. And it's all thanks to these great apps.

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Spain



Just like the rest of the world, Spain has fallen in love with Uber. And why not? It's an extremely effective platform to help you hitch a ride in no time. Not only that, but you'll also even be driven in what might be a luxury car. Of course, even for just a couple of minutes, a lot of people will bite. And thanks to Uber, a busy city like Madrid won't have to look like a warzone anymore once rush hour sets in. There's less fighting for the next available taxi and more tapping on phones to call a ride. 

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Spain

Source: Uber



If Uber has one competitor in Spain, it's Cabify. The Spanish-based app has all the mechanics of the former, rivaling it as one of the top platforms of their kind in the country. Its general ace against Uber is its collection of drivers. The app is known to hire very professional volunteers, mostly dressing up for the job and know how to take care of their clients right. It's even become a common practice for drivers to offer users some water or candy or anything during the ride. All that and at lower prices too? It won't be a surprise is Cabify beats Uber one day. 

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Spain

Source: Cabify



Here in Europe, cycling has become a popular mode of transportation. It's no longer just for fun or for sport, people use bikes to actually get to school, work, or wherever else they need to be. Fortunately, here in Spain, there's Bicing, an app that helps you rent bikes when you need them. As long as your distance isn't too far, you can rent a bike and the app will even show the bike lanes on how to get to your destination. Just make sure you don't damage them as a courtesy for the next user. 

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Spain

Source: Bicing


Traveling in Spain might be fun, but it wasn't always so easy. But now, thanks to these great nifty apps, your next ride is a tap away. That's all you'll need to do in order to ensure you won't be late to your next affair! 

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