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Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?

February 27, 2021
These days, more and more and people are relying on high street brands rather than designer clothing. They are more affordable, after all. And though they might lack in quality, their styles aren't too far behind the ones seen on Fashion Week runways. In fact, many of these high street labels thrive on interpreting the latest runway trends into ready-to-wear pieces that are affordable and easy. Over the years, some British brands have eventually marked their own identity within the fashion sphere. So much so that what they offer befit specific styles. Here are a few that might ft yours!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?

Topshop - Versatile Vixen

Don't let the news fool you! Topshop is still alive and kicking! It's just that it's now under ASOS. Because of this, the styles offered here are now more diverse, making it a perfect brand for versatile vixens everywhere. In the past, Topshop stood for overly trendy styles, focusing on what's cool and the 'now' rather than timeless looks. But thanks to its recent induction to ASOS, the label today now offers a lot more varying styles, many of which customers would never have seen from the old Topshop. From sporty to edgy, there's a piece for everyone here!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Topshop Facebook Page

Missguided - Girly and Trendy

Speaking of trendy, Missguided now leads the pack when it comes to high street womenswear. An entire wardrobe awaits here for the chic city women, especially those found in London. A slave to fashion, the pieces here mirror those seen on the runways of London Fashion Week as well as in the other fashion capitals. Despite all that, the brand's signature femininity remains its ultimate weapon. That no matter how trends go, women who choose to embrace their girly sides will still find a piece they'd fancy at affordable prices!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Missguided Facebook Page

Dorothy Perkins - Easy and Elegant

Go to any designer outlet store in London and you'll probably find Dorothy Perkins there. Over the years, this brand has become an institution of its own right. Founded upon easy and elegant clothes, this the brand to go to when you're in need of a semi-formal look. A nicely tailored set of separates for work, perhaps? Or a shift dress that was cut just right? Mature yet modern, the label champions traditional sophistication without ever looking boring or outdated. It's no wonder many women in London continually shop here! And that it's become a global brand as well!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Dorothy Perkins Facebook Page

Whistles - Modern Working Woman

Do you work in the UK? On your way up the corporate ladder here? If you are and you're in need of an appropriate wardrobe that's affordable, look no further than Whistles. This contemporary brand, built with the modern working woman in mind, provides all the style staples one needs to get ahead. They have simple dresses and tailored pieces that fit just right and remain comfy during a hard day's work. Elegant cocktail dresses and floor-length gowns for evening galas where you have to dress to impress. Not to mention some mini embellished numbers for a little party time too!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Whistles Facebook Page

Monsoon - Boho Babe

London practically created boho-chic! Think paisley prints on floor-length dresses. Wafty peasant tops to pair denim jeans with. Even a whole lot of flannel for that cool nonchalant look. These are the types of staples that define the bohemian style, a district look full of character. Incidentally, such pieces are what Monsoon is known best for! If you subscribe to this look, the label is all you need. A champion of retro style, the affordability of these clothes will almost make you think that you shopped in a London vintage store. And while that seems bad for other brands, this one wears it like a badge of honor!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Monsoon Facebook Page

Warehouse - The New 'Cool Girl'

Topshop has given the throne of the 'cool girl' label to Warehouse, a lesser-known but equally trendy British high street brand. This is where you'll want to shop if you want to follow the latest trends without the risk of bankruptcy. Everything you see your favorite style stars are wearing online or in the magazines, you'll likely find similar pieces in Warehouse. Notably, their autumn/winter collections have always caught people's attention, hence its popularity during this season. The next time you're in need of autumn-style staples, you'll now know where to shop!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Warehouse Facebook Page

Jigsaw - Timeless and Traditional

Trench coats, cashmere sweaters, Prince of Wales checks, and below-the-knee pleated skirts. These are just some staples that define the English countryside look. Fortunately, these are also some of Jigsaw's best-selling items. Founded on traditional British elegance, it's easy to look posh and perfect with the help of this label. Who knows? You might even end up looking like a Royal in many of their most sophisticated styles. That's the kind of class and luxury to expect from Jigsaw, even if it is a high street brand. But what's not to love about a label that sells elegance without the hefty price tags?
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Jigsaw

Motel - Rebellious Femininity

For those obsessed with looking young despite their real age, Motel will fit your style to the tee. In fact, you might even find the best tee for your wardrobe from here! Regarded as the go-to brand for festival wear, the styles offered here are nothing short of youthful, sexy, edgy, and rebellious. The kind of pieces you wouldn't want your parents to see you sporting before you sneak out of the house at midnight! Suggestive but never slutty, these are also pieces you'd want to wear if you want to get into the mood with your significant other as you both wait for the sunrise!
Which British High Street Brand Matches Your Style?
Source: Motel Facebook Page

The Brits know a thing high street fashion even though London, their beloved capital city, is itself a fashion capital of the world. Still, a slew of affordable labels ensures that looking trendy and stylish won't have to lead to bankruptcy!

Shopping in any of these amazing brands would be so much easier if you had a luxury home in London to fit them all in!



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3 bedrooms3 bathrooms6-9
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5 bedrooms5 bathrooms10-2
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
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440 £ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2