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London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores

January 30, 2021
In a city like London, tradition reigns supreme. That's not to say that the British capital hasn't evolved through time. In many ways, it's actually one of the most liberated cities in the world. But that doesn't change the fact that certain traditions remain ever important in London. And it's as true in style as it is in everything else. London is a fashion capital after all. As you'd expect, many centuries and decades-old brands are still thriving here. But what if you can't afford them? Where will you shop then? In a vintage store, of course! Here are some worth checking out!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores

Emma Goldman Vintage & Costume

You can already tell by the store's name what kind of hidden treasures you'll find here! Located on Ladbroke Grove, Emma Goldman Vintage & Costume shop has certainly made a name for itself among fashion and vintage-lovers in London. Specializing in couture and tailored pieces from the 50s and 60s, this is the perfect shop if you're up for some secondhand sophistication. Not to mention a few dazzling relics from the 70s disco era too! Colorful, bright, and impactful, the pieces here are unapologetically glamorous, almost—as the name of the shop already suggests—bordering on costume-like! Well, some pieces actually are!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores
Source: Emma Goldman Vintage & Costume Facebook Page

House of Vintage

On the opposite side of the spectrum—and of the city!—there's House of Vintage on Brick Lane. A treasure trove of ready-to-wear pieces, here is where you'll find clothes you can wear every day. A pair of jeans to go out in, perhaps? Or a cashmere sweater to warm you up while you stay at home? Though most are secondhand, the quality of these pieces are second to none! They're all mostly in mint condition, allowing you to wear them as often as their previous owners probably did too! Ultimately, it's like you shopped among the high street stores in London's best designer outlet stores and got pieces with some history in them!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores

Mero Retro

What's so great about London's fashion scene is that it's becoming more and more international. The city itself is already a global fashion hub, but the many designer shops and vintage stores here just add to its cosmopolitan quality. Case in point: Mero Retro. At first glance, it seems like your ordinary thrift store, right? And while it is on many accounts, the store has become a popular style stop for many Londoners for its collection of cultural garments, particularly from Asia. A casual men's yakata or a neon-hued cheongsam are just some of the pieces you'll find here.
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores
Source: Mero Retro

Nordic Poetry

Carefully curated for your satisfaction, Nordic Poetry is the go-to vintage store in London for some serious designer finds. Located in East London, it's quite the trendy hotspot for stylish Londoners who don't mind wearing something that's not completely new and up-to-date. There's some serious streetwear mixed-in here as well, selections that are arguably better than some of the contemporary stores in the fashion capital. Just take one look at their Instagram page and you'll see the vibe of this store and why you ought to shop here yourself too!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores
Source: Nordic Poetry

Paper Dress Vintage

Paper Dress Vintage is the type of vintage store you'd expect in Paris. A traditional boutique with a quirky ambiance and lots of retro finds, the store boasts a chic collection of 50s couture and ready-to-wear that any museum would have to have. Though such styles are, literally, decades-old now, they're not as old-fashioned as you think. The pieces here still look cool and fresh, all in mint condition, and are inexplicably high-quality. The shop is also located in Hackney, one of the busiest areas in London. So you really won't have a hard time looking for it too!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores
Source: Paper Dress Vintage Facebook Page

One of a Kind Archive

The name already says it all! Located along Portobello Road, One of a Kind Archive vintage shop boasts one of, if not the biggest collection of vintage pieces in the entire city. The likes of Kate Moss, Poppy Delevigne, Noami Campbell, and Sienna Miller have already shopped here; that alone should convince you to check this place out! With a myriad of classic couture, vintage streetwear, and a boatload of accessories, there's no end to what you can find in this 'archive.' Granted, London has its fair share of high-class retailers, One of a Kind Archive can go head-to-head against them any day!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores

Serotonin Vintage

Dior, Burberry, and Fendi. These are just some of the major designer brands you'll see in Serotonin Vintage. Right smack in the heart of Brick Lane, the store is a go-to hotspot for the chicest residents of the city. They have full trust that this shop can give them the best pieces for any occasion, rivaling the boutiques on Oxford Street and department stores like Harrod's and Harvey Nichols! Many celebrities have also shopped here, and without your knowledge, they've donned what they purchased here on the red carpet too. That's the quality of fashion you'll find in Serotonin Vintage!
London's Best Vintage Clothing Stores
Source: Serotonin Vintage

Here in London, vintage fashion is just as popular as the latest styles shown on the runway during Fashion Week. And if you're up for some retro glamour and old-school elegance yourself, these top-rated vintage shops are your best bets!

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