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Getting To Know Portugal's Job Market

February 19, 2021
Portugal is an underrated country for a lot of things. It's underrated for its amazing sights. It's underrated for its delicious food. And it's even underrated for being a lucrative place to work in. Granted the country isn't exactly the wealthiest in the world, that doesn't mean you can't jumpstart or even flourish your career here. Who knows? Working here just might be what you'll need in order to succeed and rise up the ranks! It helps to understand the job market here and how it differs from other places. Only then will you really see the worth of Portugal!
Getting To Know Portugal's Job Market

The Unemployment Rate in Portugal

Just how do you know that Portugal is a great place for work? Check its unemployment rate. More often than not, it's a good indicator of just how stable a job market a country has. As of the moment, Portugal's unemployment rate is 7.1%. Though it's not exactly the lowest by any means, it's still better than a lot of other countries, many of which are powerhouse nations where the unemployment rates are in the double-digits. Nevertheless, even its drop from 2016, which was at 12.4%, to mid-2020 when it became 5.6%, it seems that Portugal remains stable in this regard.

Portugal's Biggest Industries

A common question people ask: which industries dominate Portugal? Truth be told, it varies. Much like in France, for instance, Portugal's tourism industry has boomed over the years. It seems pre-Covid-19, the country was seeing a lot more visitors. it makes sense that this sector demanded lots more employees, even those from other countries. Healthcare was also a big industry even before the pandemic happened. Lots of hospitals in Lisbon and other major cities started hiring more staff both locally and from abroad. Of course, that demand skyrocketed when the pandemic started. Today, a great chunk of healthcare workers in the country come from overseas.

Getting To Know Portugal's Job Market

Most In-Demand Jobs in Portugal

With that said, other sectors have more in-demand jobs besides healthcare and tourism. In fact, IT (Information Technology) remains the number one most in-demand position in the country today. While healthcare workers are pushed to the forefront because of the pandemic, many other companies and organizations out there are in dire need of IT specialists and experts to help them operate especially during this time. Various telecommunication companies in Portugal are also heavily in need of new call center agents, and they don't mind looking for employees overseas if they have to.

Common Salaries in Portugal

In terms of what your salary might be when you go work in Portugal, this will, of course, depend on your job position and the nature of your company. Generally, the minimum wage here is €635.00 a month on the foundation that people get paired for 14 months within a year (including bonuses). Those who work for only 12 monthly payments within a year have their minimum wage higher at €740.80. But in terms of an hourly rate, the minimum wage here is €4.64. Unfortunately, it seems that the country, despite its relatively stable job market, is one of the lowest-paying in Europe.

Getting To Know Portugal's Job Market

Teaching English in Portugal

When you're unable to secure jobs in the biggest industries in Portugal but still want to work here, there's always the option of teaching English. Whether you get hired by an international institution or a startup language school, many people have moved to Portugal on the basis that they will teach English there. However, this doesn't mean that just about anyone can apply for it. One has to have attained the right BA degree and TEFL certification in order to even be considered for such a job. Either way, English-teachers are in-demand in Portugal right now.

What To Remember When Applying For A Job

Found the perfect job you want to apply for in Portugal? Good! Now all you have to do is submit your application! Never forget to send your CV first so they'd know what kind of worker you are and your skills that may match what they're looking for. Though it's not that common, some companies might require you to submit educational certificates so make sure they're ready just in case. You'll also fare better if you knew more Portuguese than the basics but you needn't worry! There are a lot of language schools in Lisbon and other cities in the country that can help!

Getting To Know Portugal's Job Market

Though the world isn't exactly at its most stable right now, the job market in Portugal stands out in more ways than one. It seems that even this country can withstand what the pandemic throws at them! Working here might help you build your career too!

Always wish for Portugal's job market to remain stable so that you can keep on living in your luxury home here while you work!