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The Most Popular Mobile Networks in Portugal

February 17, 2021
Let's be frank: it's stupid not to have a local mobile plan when you go to a certain country. Whether you're just visiting as a tourist or relocating here to start a new life, getting a local SIM card would be one of your top priorities. Don't think that just because wifi is so abundant nowadays, as well as a ton of apps that can help you communicate with people online, that you can stay connected for as long as you can without a local mobile plan. It's not gonna be that easy. At least, here in Portugal, these mobile networks are what you'll need!
The Most Popular Mobile Networks in Portugal


Currently, MEO is the biggest mobile network in all of Portugal. It's also the most popular with around 4.1 million subscribers relying on it. And ironically, its immense popularity aids in its further growth. Since MEO is the largest telecommunications company in Portugal, this means that their signal coverage scopes most of the country. So whether you're in a busy neighborhood in Lisbon or a rural city in Alentejo, you can still stay online and contact your friends and family. That alone is a good enough reason to join this network!


5G coverage, excellent video quality, and fast wifi connection. You can probably already tell why Vodafone is so popular in Portugal. The second-biggest telecommunications company operating in the country, the insanely good data they offer has everyone joining the network. For so many whose lives practically rely on the internet, this is often the deciding factor to getting their local SIM card from this company. Vodafone allows them to stream high-quality videos, make use of transportation apps, continue to communicate with people abroad, and more, no matter where they are in the country. What's not to love about that?


Finally, there's NOS! As the third-largest mobile network in the country, why exactly should you join this network too? Affordable prices and great customer service! For the latter, this isn't to say that the other networks have awful customer service, far from it! However, no one can deny just how much more accommodating and approachable NOS is compared to MEO and Vodafone. And when it comes to prices, the plans this company offers are bang for your buck! You'll get a lot out of the many affordable promos they have, even more so than some of the relatively expensive plans from the other networks.

The Most Popular Mobile Networks in Portugal

A local plan in a mobile network makes a world of difference here in Portugal. It's a lot easier to navigate through the big cities, stay connected with friends and family, and even explore more of the country when you have one!

Going for a mobile plan in Portugal will make everything easier for you here. Not the least of which is securing a luxury home for yourself!