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Learning Portuguese in Lisbon

February 18, 2021
When you're in Lisbon, how in the world can you survive without knowing a speck of Portuguese? Knowing the basics can only get you so far. And yes, even though the Portuguese capital has a strong international community, it's not every day you'll find and interact with a person who knows how to speak English or your native language. You're likely to meet locals who only know how to speak and understand Potuguese. What will you do then? The best course of action in these situations is to learn the language yourself. Don't worry, these schools will help you!
Learning Portuguese in Lisbon

Faculdade de Letras

First up, there's Faculdade de Letras. This is actually a program at the University of Lisbon, one of the finest educational institutions in the city. Part of the university's Humanities department, it's open to the public, not just its undergraduate and graduate students. Though the program is highly recommended to its foreign exchange students, particularly those under the Erasmus program. Nevertheless, the school's traditional way of teaching the language will surely help people reach fluency in no time. Some may find it boring, yes, but no one can deny its efficacy. Most especially those who need to learn formal Portuguese language too.

Lisbon Language School

Located in Bairro Alto, one of the livelier districts in Lisbon, the Lisbon Language School is perhaps the most accommodating on this list. They understand that most of their students, which likely make up of adults and college-age youth, have their own lives to lead whilst in the Portuguese capital. So to ensure they still get to work, go to school, and whatnot, the Lisbon Language School offers utmost flexibility when it comes to their classes. Intensive courses only run for about two-to-three months while regular extensive programs are at a minimum of two months.

Learning Portuguese in Lisbon

Portuguese Connection

People need to learn Portuguese for different reasons. Some do so in order to understand their neighbors and friends. While others learn formal Portuguese to get ahead in their careers. Whichever it is, Portuguese Connection is sure to have the type of program you're looking for. Offering three distinct courses: immersive, custom-designed, and extensive, students here get to learn the language at their own pace while getting what they need out of it once they're done. There are no unnecessary hassles and the students get to live in Lisbon in peace while they learn the language.

CIAL Centro de Linguas

If you want to learn all the forms of Portuguese out there, the CIAL Centro de Linguas is your best bet. Remember that even though you're already in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, and the originator of the language, this isn't the only place where they speak Portuguese. Brazil and a ton of African countries also speak the language. And there are many differences between them. This school helps you learn all of that, allowing you to speak locally when you do go to these places. Not to mention know the distinction between all kinds of the language.

Português Et Cetera

Português Et Cetera goes above and beyond when it comes to teaching the language? How beyond do they get, exactly? Well, this school offers their students the chance to live with a local as they study the course. Teaching Portuguese in a standard classroom setting is one thing, but actually allowing them to immerse in local life here in Lisbon, the capital city of the country that originated the language, is a different matter entirely. They'll not only get used to hearing the language, but they'll also be encouraged to speak it as much as they can while they're here!

Learning Portuguese in Lisbon

What's the use of staying in Lisbon if you don't understand a word of Portuguese? Make your new life here much easier by studying the language in any of these amazing, well-respected, and prominent language schools!

The more you're able to speak and understand Portuguese in Lisbon, the more you're able to get anything you want here. Including a luxury rental to come home to!