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The Living Costs in Nottingham

February 12, 2021
How much, do you think, it costs to live in a beautiful place? More often than not, it's expensive, right? Cities like Paris, London, and Rome, some of the most stunning places in the world, are known to also be the most expensive. But then, there's a city like Nottingham. Though not as popular as the aforementioned cities, it is, for the most part, an extremely beautiful destination as well. Does this mean it's also expensive here? Not necessarily! In fact, it's safe to say that Nottingham is actually one of the more affordable cities in the UK.
The Living Costs in Nottingham

Costs of Renting in Nottingham

If you doubt that Nottingham really is an affordable city, just take a look at the monthly rental fees. They often best represent just how much money you'll need to spend in order to live a comfortable life in a certain place. Here in Nottingham, the common rental fees, even for luxury apartments, actually range within the hundreds. A one-bedroom flat located right smack in the middle of the city, for instance, would cost only around £500.00 to £750.00 a month. For a three-bedroom home, it'd cost £800.00 to £1,200.00 a month. Those are almost half or 1/3 of the rental costs in London!

Costs of Buying Property in Nottingham

Even buying a property in Nottingham is a lot more affordable than in London. For the latter, the price per square meter can go high up to tens of thousands. Here in Nottingham? The common range for a home in the city center would be from £2,500.00 to £4,000.00 per square meter. As for a property along the outskirts of the city, it's only cost £2,000.00 per square meter, more or less. And what if you inherit a property in Nottingham instead? You'll still have to pay some taxes in relation to your inheritance.

The Living Costs in Nottingham

Utilities Costs

Whether you rent or own a place in Nottingham, at least your utilities costs aren't so high as well. Your monthly bills here would likely only cost around £80.00 to £350.00 per month. This will already include your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and more. Of course, the bigger your home and the more you use your appliances, the high the costs. But for the most part, a standard lifestyle would only cost less than £500.00 in utilities. As for your wifi at home, you can get a good plan that'd only cost you £29.00 to £40.00 per month.

Food Costs

Even the food costs here aren't so high. As long you stay within flea markets and mid-range stores, it will only cost you a total common media price of £60.77 for a trip to the grocery. Mind you, this will already include a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, some milk, fruits, vegetables, different types of meats, fish, and even alcohol too. And all of that can last you around one-to-two weeks at most. Not bad, right? For less than £100.00, you won't go hungry at all here in Nottingham! If only other cities were this affordable.

The Living Costs in Nottingham

Dining Costs

What about dining costs? Are the restaurants here as expensive as those in London? Some are, of course, but if you choose to be more economical about where you eat, you won't have to sell out tons of money just so you can dine outside. For instance, eating at a cheap (but good!) place would only cost you £10.00 to £20.00 per meal. And what if you have someone special and you want to treat him/her to a special dinner date? A three-course meal for two would only cost you around £40.00 to £60.00 tops!

Transportation Costs

Public transport, no matter where you are in the world, has always been the more affordable way to get around. Here in Nottingham, a single-ride ticket would range from only £1.00 to £4.00 at best, depending on your destination. Double those numbers for a roundtrip and you'll only have to pay £10.00 at most. Of course, if you enlist the help of a transportation app to book you a ride, be it in a taxi or a private vehicle, that would cost a lot more! Either way, it's up to you how you want to get around in Nottingham.

The Living Costs in Nottingham

Clothes Costs

What about clothes? Surely since Nottingham is far from the fashion capital that London is, this means that clothes shopping is affordable here, right? For the most part, yes, it is. While some designer stores can still be found here, all in all, you won't need to spend a lot to get a new wardrobe. You just have to know where to shop and, of course, look out for sales too. Specifically speaking, buying from a high street brand would only cost you £20.00 to £50.00 apiece. And if you want a new pair of sneakers, you can get them at £50.00 to £89.00 a box!

Leisure Costs

Apart from your food and utility costs, the cheapest of your expenses here in Nottingham would have to be for leisure. In particular, working out and going to the movies. The monthly membership fee of a mid-range gym or fitness center in Nottingham would only cost £20.00 to £40.00. If you go for the more upscale gyms, like the ones in London, that'd cost you a lot more. Meanwhile, you can go to the movies for only £9.00 to £12.00. Just bring a little more if you want to buy a lot of snacks!

Childcare and Education Costs

Then there's your kid's schooling. You're lucky that you're in Nottingham because this city has some of the finest schools in this part of the UK. Not to mention a few safe daycare centers and pre-schools for your little ones too. But just how much will it cost you to enroll your kids in some of them? Well, to take your kid to the nice daycare here in Nottingham, it'd cost you £800.00 to £1,300.00 a month. When they grow up, a prestigious primary school would cost around £4,000.00 to £12,600.00 a year.

The Living Costs in Nottingham

Just because Nottingham is a beautiful city, it doesn't mean it's expensive to live here. On the contrary, you might be surprised to discover that this stunning town in the English countryside is a lot more affordable than a lot of other places!





2 bedrooms2 bathrooms2-6

16 pg - apt 6

90 €per night
1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4

3 pr - apt 3

93 €per night
1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4

3 pr - apt 9

94 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms1-6

Shortmove ? parking, sleeps 6, two bathrooms,

99 €per night

16 PG - Apt 10

Nottingham, United Kingdom
117 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms2-6

16 PG - Penthouse

Nottingham, United Kingdom
182 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms3-5