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The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

June 23, 2021
It's safe to say that London is the capital of fitness in the UK. With so many first-class athletes living here, as well as the rise of the social media fitness trainers and influencers, it's almost as if you're required to be fit in order to live here. Fortunately, this isn't an official rule, however, there's no reason why you can't be. Or, at the very least, try to be. The British capital is packed with gyms and fitness centers that have become some of most popular spots in the city. They're practically the new 'gentlemen's clubs' for the fit crowd here.

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London


Another Space

Best believe it, once you get to this gym, you won't need to find "Another Space" to exercise in! Okay, puns aside, this place really is top-notch as far as gyms are concerned. A sister gym of the more popular "Third Space," Another Space offers up the same swanky ambiance without the hefty membership fees. Though it's the diverse workouts offered, from HIIT to yoga, that will make you want to get a membership here. 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: Another Space Facebook Page


BLOK London

Who knew an abandoned warehouse would make for such a cool gym? Remember the type of fitness centers that gangsters and thugs of the 1930s would workout in? That's practically the vibe BLOK London is pushing but a lot more sophisticated and upscale. Equipped with a cool ring and multiple boxing bags, this is one of the best places in the city for you to practice your boxing. You might not be or even plan to go pro but you'll feel like it here! 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: BLOK London Facebook Page


BXR London

But if you really want a luxurious space to practice your boxing, better go to BXR London instead! Touted as the city's first boutique boxing gym, many prominent champions have tried this space out. But you won't even need their approval nor endorsement to know that this is a place where you can really get swing it! What with their slick space filled with state-of-the-art equipment, the £150 membership fee will be totally worth it! 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: BXR London Facebook Page


CrossFit London

As with any other city, London has been taken over by CrossFit. It's no surprise, considering the popular workout has become a huge mainstay within the fitness industry itself. Some of the most popular gyms in London are even those devoted to it. Case in point: CrossFit London. This is one gym that's truly a haven for CrossFitters living in the city. With their many classes held every day, they've cultivated a community of their own that's slowly but surely growing. 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: CrossFit London Facebook Page


F45 Training

Apart from CrossFit, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become quite the popular workout among Londoners as well, And you can thank gyms like F45 Training for that. This particular fitness center, with multiple locations throughout London's many districts, has contributed greatly to the popularity of the exercise. Their personal trainers are experts in the workout and they know how to push their clients without letting them go over the edge. 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: F45 Training Facebook Page



Gymbox may be a gym, but the party vibe here can rival even any nightclub or bar in the city. With resident DJs pumping out sick tunes as you lift weights, run miles on a treadmill, or do CrossFit, it's no wonder this gym chan has become extremely popular over the years. And don't think this place only opens up at night! It's an actual gym and operates as such! It's just a lot more fun than the more standard ones. 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: Gymbox Facebook Page



With its fluorescent neon lighting, it's easy to mistake KXU as some sort of nightclub. But in reality, it's actually one of the most effective gyms in London. A dully-equipped space for all sorts of exercises, you can get creative with your own fitness regimen here. They offer spinning, yoga, or HIIT classes here, as well as exclusive PT packages if you need some professional assistance. Not to mention that they also offer massages and have their smoothie bar too! 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: KXU Facebook Page


Performance Ground

When it comes to lifting weights, no other gym does it quite like Performance Ground. Even Men's Health considers it as the best gym in London for weight-lifting. Packed with all sorts of equipment and first-class amenities, you can easily see why. You'll really build your body up here and look like an Adonis or a Venus! And even if you're just a beginner, their in-house team of personal trainers will ensure that you get the job done. Needless to say, no excuses are allowed here! 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: Performance Ground



Up for some spinning? This bike-filled basement named Psycle is right up your alley. It's fun and vibrant space where you can cycle your butt out to the sounds of the disco era and more. But if spinning isn't your jam, you can also go for their many yoga sessions! Whatever level you're at it, there's no discriminating here! It's all about the quest to become a fitter and better you! After a few sessions, you're guaranteed to fit into the outfit you had tailored in London

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: Psycle



Finally, there's Six3Nine. Despite its weird name, this gym is actually one the most welcoming out of all the options on this list. More often than not, London gyms act like exclusive clubs reserved for the fittest in the city. But that's now how they roll here. With personal trainers generous with their time and effort, you will accomplish your fitness goal no matter how much you weighed in the beginning. They will be with you every step of the way! 

The Best Gyms/Training Centers in London

Source: Six3Nine Facebook Page


Being fit isn't exactly a requirement here in London, but with so many fine gyms and training centers in the city, there's practically no excuse as to why you're not! Whatever will fit your needs in terms of your own regimen, you can find the perfect gym for you here! 


Furthermore, you can also find the perfect accommodation for your stay in the city as well. London's luxury apartments will fit you nicely while you go about getting fitter and healthier! 



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