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Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants

January 29, 2021
Monaco is all about the finest things in life and that, of course, includes food. With the world's elite always popping up here from time to time, it's no surprise that a lot of the places here offer the best food money can buy. From Michelin-starred restaurants to fusion cuisines that will take your taste buds to quite the adventure, Monaco is a must-visit for every high-class foodie out there. Many of the hotspots here definite high-taste, perfect for upgrading one's palette. If you're in Monaco and you're not sure where to eat, try checking these places out!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants

Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse

Located inside Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo, this is a restaurant that looks straight out of the Rococo era, Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. The opulent ambiance, looking more like a dining room in the Versaille than an ordinary restaurant, already gives you a good idea of how excellent of a culinary experience is offered here. Add to that the fact that it's the premier hometown gourmet chef Alain Ducasse that founded this place! Serving a Mediterranean menu that has garnered a lot of awards over the years, it's no wonder this place is also one of the best in the French Riviera too.
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: Ducasse-Paris.com

Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo

Another famous chef who has opened his own restaurant in Monaco is Joel Robuchon! Having opened his own eponymous restaurant in Monte Carlo back in 2004, it's become one of the most popular culinary hotspots in all of Monaco. And there's no reason why it shouldn't be! From the excellent h'ordeuvres and authentic French dishes to the Teppanyaki-style kitchen that helps customers see how their orders are prepared, everybody gets a front-row seat at gourmet excellence in action. Not to mention the place itself looks exceptionally elegant, with a great view of the Mediterranean sea!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo Facebook Page

Le Vistamar

Speaking of great views, Le Vistamar in Hôtel Hermitage is one of many deck/rooftop restaurants where the view is just as amazing as the food. As you dine and enjoy the many dishes prepared by the likes of Chef Joël Garault, this is the type of relaxing, first-class dining that you'd expect in a place like Monaco. As for the menu, the Mediterranean seafood selection is truly top-notch. From a delectable blue lobster to mouthwatering saffron-flavored tapioca, you wouldn't know which one to choose. Don't worry, all of them are good! There's no chance you won't pick a bad one cause there aren't any!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: Monte Carlo SBM

La Marée Monaco

Located on the rooftop of the Hotel Port Palace, La Marée Monaco is yet another excellent restaurant with a stunning view. Imagine it: you're enjoying a flavorful seafood dish as the Mediterranean breeze wafts through your face. Is there no better feeling than this? Probably not! Here in Monaco, dining out includes pleasuring all the senses, not just your taste buds. From this point in the principality, you get a beautiful view, hear the lively sounds of the city-state, feel the sea breezes, and, of course, taste some of the best seafood in the French Riviera. The fish and crustacean dishes here rival even those in Mykonos!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: La Marée Monaco Facebook Page

Horizon Deck

You can probably already tell what kind of place Horizon Deck is just by its name. Similarly to many other great options on this list. this beautiful restaurant and champagne bar atop Hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo offers a fantastic view of the sea. So much so that you can almost ignore the other big buildings that might block the views from the other deck/rooftop restaurants. Arguably, this is the best place to eat your dinner if you want to watch the sunset! Add to that rich buffet of French and Mediterranean flavors as well as, of course, their best champagne!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: Horizon Deck Restaurant and Champagne Bar


Helmed by Chef Jean Claude Brugel, the truly unique thing about Elsa in the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel is that its desserts are just as mouth-watering as its main dishes. The latter is, of course, made up of French seafood dishes that will surely fill you up with every bite. But the sweets? Just as delectable. There's a heavy focus on Parisian macarons here, making for quite the colorful and flavorful desserts. Though they also have a selection of puff pastries if you prefer. Since the hotel is located along Avenue Princesse Grace, it's easy to get here via public transport!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: Monte Carlo SBM

Maya Bay

Finally, if you get tired of all the French and Mediterranean cuisines offered here, you can always go to Maya Bay! A fusion of Thai and Japanese dishes, it's a tantalizing palette cleanser that will really spice up your dining experience. Though extremely expensive, the blending of both cuisines is worth every cent you pay for your dining here. Who would have thought that combining the spiciness of Thai food with the savory sensation of Japanese classics would go so well together? It's safe to say there's no other place quite like it in Monaco!
Monaco's Most Notable Restaurants
Source: Maya Bay Facebook Page

Going to Monaco means you're up to enjoy the finer things in life. This, of course, also includes food! Fortunately, the city-state shares a handful of high-class restaurants, each offering up the most delicious dishes and desserts money can buy!

Whether you eat out to any of these amazing places or eat in and cook your own meal yourself in your luxury home in Monaco, there's no denying that you'll definitely enjoy your life here!





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