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Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

January 22, 2021
As of this moment, you're likely freezing to death in Paris, aren't you? Sure, you may be in one of the most, if not the most beautiful city in the world, but at this time of the year, you probably wish you weren't there right now. Well, don't worry! Winter in the French capital isn't so bad as long as you have everything you need to stay warm. And when you go outside, that means wearing multiple layers of clothing. Oftentimes, this means you can flex your style, however, still need to be careful when wearing many layers while going around a busy city like Paris.
Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

Warming Yourself Up is First Priority

First thing's first, you have to stay warm. If you're too cold to even get farther from your apartment in Paris, what's the point of going out? When you decide to go out, always make sure you stay warm. One of the easiest ways to stay warm is, of course, wearing lots of clothing. One after another, pile it all up until you're comfortable with how you feel in them. That's the main priority! However, make sure that, no matter how much you wear, you'll still be able to walk. Because, again, what's the point of going outside in Paris during winter when you're not warm and can't walk?
Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

Don't Cover Your Eyes

Once you're all warm, you have to ensure that you can see what it's in front of you! What does this mean, exactly? Well, think: what are accessories that you'll often wear during winter? A beanie hat? Check! A scarf? Check! A turtleneck? Check! Depending on how you wear them, they can easily block your eyes in more ways than one. And yes, though it's a silly mistake to make, at times, you can get so cold outside that you're no longer aware of how much your stretching and moving your clothes around. Without a second thought, you've probably already covered your eyes whilst in the middle of a busy street in Paris!
Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

Make Sure You Have Pockets

Do you know why girls love having pockets? Firstly, it's because they're totally convenient! At times, they won't even need to bring a purse anymore. If they're most essential items such as their phones, wallets, a little bit of makeup, and the like can fit their pockets, there's no need to burden themselves with a bag, no matter if it's from a French high fashion brand. Secondly, especially during winter, putting one's hands in their pockets is a great, easy, and simple way to stay warm. Don't have gloves or mittens? There's always your pockets!
Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

Calm Down With The Volume

These days, one of the trendiest ways to sport winter style, especially in Paris, is to go for the oversized look. Think puffer jackets that make you look like a cloud. Or long tech coats that, while elegant, will probably sweep the snow off the ground as you walk. Sure, these are stylish trends to follow, however, while in an incredibly busy city like Paris, oftentimes, they're impractical. So unless you have your own car, you might want to tone down the volume. No matter how much you want to sport your oversized Vetements shirt or your latest Off-White puffer coat, if they get in your and other people's way, best to leave them in your closet!
Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

Be Careful Around People

As already mentioned, Paris is an incredibly busy city. Yes, even during the coldest peaks of winter. It's the French capital! The financial and business hub, not only of France. Of course, you'll see a lot of people practically everywhere. And yes, even though the country is still under the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been signs that the lockdown will lift soon, making for a busy winter in Paris ahead. So to ensure you can still go about Paris no matter how many layers of clothing you're wearing, be more wary of your surroundings and of the people around you. This can also help you avoid falling victim to crime too!
Navigating Paris In Multiple Layers of Winter Clothing

Take A Taxi When You Can

Speaking of being careful around people, in terms of getting around, why not take a taxi? Yes, a cab is, oftentimes, the most expensive in terms of public transport. And when there's too much snow outside, you'll often get stuck in traffic too. However, depending on what you're wearing, taking a taxi might be more convenient, not just for you, but for other people as well. Firstly, taxis during winter are always warm, so that's a huge plus! And secondly, if you're wearing a big coat that takes too much space, at least in a taxi, you have the vehicle all to yourself!

Going outside in Paris during winter in multiple layers of clothing is a given. However, if you're not smart about it, you'll easily get into an accident or worse, falling victim to crime. But don't worry! You can easily avoid all of that in more ways than one!

No matter how to go around Paris in layers, warming up in your luxury home here is always better!





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