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Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter

January 06, 2021
Let's face it, no matter how beautiful the city is, Paris is extremely cold in the winter. Sure, seeing the French capital turn into a winter wonderland will warm your heart, but not your body. As fast as you can, you'd want to go straight back home, cover yourself in a blanket, and drink a freshly made cup of coffee. Well, who's to say you can't to the latter in a nice café? Or in an upscale restaurant? And why not treat yourself to a full-blown hot meal instead? Just because your body is tired of winter, doesn't mean your taste buds are!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter

Au Top

Perched on a rooftop in the Marais district, Au Top is actually a warm place to cozy up in here in Paris. Yes, it's on the roof, but that doesn't always mean it's going to be cold here. The heated pavement and the beautiful outdoor fires will melt away any shivers you have because of the weather. And if that's not enough, the place's Mediterranean cuisine will surely warm you up in more ways than one! And you can expect all of it to taste excellent too! The place is led by prominent gourmet chef Jean-Philippe after all!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: Au Top Facebook Page

Brasserie Barbès

If a rooftop's not good for you, why not go to a brasserie instead? Brasserie Barbès is a more modern take of the classic Parisian establishment. Its sleek ambiance is a far cry from the more classic, 1920s-looking spaces you see scattered all over Paris. And don't worry, the place is fully heated once winter rears its head! even its patio area, which remains the most popular spot in the whole establishment, is as toasty as if you're all cuddled up by the fire. Of course, as this is a brasserie, its delicious menu of French cocktails are all musts!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: Le Barbès Facebook Page

Bulle’ in Novotel Paris les Halles

Ever ate inside a bubble? If not, you can at the Novotel Paris less Halles! Though it's not exactly a bubble, per se, more of a heated dome! Sorry to (pardon the pun!) burst your bubble but your dreams of actually eating inside a thin sphere of liquid and gas will not come true when you go here. You can, however, enjoy a first-class dining experience inside a beautiful dome-structure that looks glorious at night. Not to mention, of course, sufficient heating to ensure your stay here is as warm as the excellent food and service!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: Novotel Paris Twitter Account


If you're up for something sweet, head on over to the Louvre district and dine at Angelina! Also known as Café Richelieu, this iconic establishment has had many famous patrons over the years. Not the least of which is the legendary fashion designer and style icon, Coco Chanel. Now, if that caliber of Parisians enjoyed going here, surely you will too! After all, the place is known for its immaculate sweets, particularly its delectable macarons and hot chocolate! You only need both—or a myriad of other warm Parisian treats—to feel cozy in this beautiful café!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: Angelina Paris

Eugène Eugène

They say that you have to visualize what you want, right? Well, what if you're in the middle of Paris in the dead of winter and you prefer to lounge about in a place like St. Tropez, for instance? What do you do then? If you can't go to the French Riviera yourself, head on over to Eugène Eugène instead! With exotic flora, rattan chairs, and exquisite French-Mediterranean cuisine, you'll really feel as if you went to paradise. And don't worry, the place is just as hot as it looks! Granted the very rustic ambiance adds to the feel!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: Eugène Eugène Facebook Page

La Rotonde de la Muette

Perhaps one of the more iconic places on this list, La Rotonde de la Muette is the quintessential Parisian brasserie! Located in the Passy area, it's the type of establishment you'd expect in the French capital. The Art Noveau ambiance, the decidedly Parisian menu, and the air of café society! And don't worry, though it looks rather open-aired, it's actually a pretty warm place to go to. Not to mention, of course, the piping hot coffee you can enjoy here! That alone can already help you withstand even the harshest of winters here in Paris!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: La Rotonde de la Muette

Le Perchoir

Another rooftop hotspot you might want to go to is Le Perchoir! Perched atop l’Hôtel de Ville it's a slightly more comfortable and definitely cozier place than the usual rooftop establishments in the city. Think wooden couches packed with blankets and cushions-a-plenty! Or fireplaces scattered throughout the place to help people warm up. If you're looking for a romantic spot to go to where you can dine on good food, enjoy a view of Paris, all while the temperature is probably at its lowest, Le Perchoir is a sure winner!
Delicious Paris Hotspots to Warm You Up in Winter
Source: Le Perchoir

Winter in Paris doesn't have to be as cold as it sounds. There are plenty of culinary hotspots you can still go to during the coldest season of the year. Both their food and their ambiance will warm you up in more ways than one!

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