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How Parisians Celebrate Halloween

October 26, 2021
Are you frustrated that, if not for the Covid-19 pandemic, you would be in Paris living the life right now? Don't worry! A lot of people are probably feeling the same thing! The pandemic ruined a lot of people's travel plans, especially those who wanted to spend holidays in the French capital. But if you originally planned to spend the last day of October, Halloween, in Paris, then you there are a few things you ought to know. Parisians—actually the French, in general—celebrate the scary holiday quite differently than the rest of the world. Some of their ways you can actually do it yourself at home!

How Parisians Celebrate Halloween


Not Everyone is Into Halloween

The first thing you ought to know is that Paris, even France as a whole, doesn't take Halloween all that seriously. You'll see a couple of people celebrating it the way you're used to, but overall, they just see it as a commercial holiday at best. You won't see people coming to work in costume, kids going trick-or-treating, and the like. You also shouldn't expect the iconic landmarks to be decorated in spider webs, jack o' lanterns, and the like! Paris will remain the same even during this holiday. It's just the way it is! 


Get the Sweets Without Trick-or-Treating

Parisians love sweets, from the colorful macarons to the heartier pastries like the St. Honoré cake. It helps that there are plenty of places here that satisfy their saccharine cravings. And even during Halloween, they go for the sweets even without having to trick-or-treat. In fact, kids in Paris rarely even do that. Halloween isn't as big a deal here in France as it is in other countries, so you might not see a lot of people celebrating it the way you did back in your home country. On this day, if you want sweets, you simply buy them. You don't have to wear a costume and ask for some in other people's houses! 


How Parisians Celebrate Halloween


Party on a Holiday

As already mentioned, trick-or-treating isn't that popular in Paris during Halloween. But partying is! Parisians love to party, and for them, Halloween is a commercial holiday that's the perfect excuse to have some fun. You'll see the nightclubs in Montmartre or Pigalle all filled with ghouls and goblins.  Apartments would hold fancy dress parties but are essentially just another wine session with friends and friends for friends. And it won't be uncommon to chance upon a few drunks wearing masks. That's the way it is in Paris during Halloween. You'll party all night long if you can! 


Go For Scary Costumes, Not Sexy or Cute

If you do meet a few people who get into the spirit of Halloween, you probably won't see them dressed in something cute, quirky, or sexy. Well, some might look sexy, but generally, Parisians often go all the way for Halloween. As the saying goes, "either go big or go home." And in the French capital, if you're going to celebrate the day for all things scary, you ought to look horrifying yourself. Think gruesome monsters with fake blood everywhere. Goblins that will easily have the little one screaming their lungs out. Or disfigured faces and bodies via makeup that even Hollywood can't achieve! 


How Parisians Celebrate Halloween


Do it The Disney Way

Of course, with all this partying, Paris turns into a city that's not exactly the most suitable for kids. Most especially if the adults are wearing terrifying costumes! And since a lot of them aren't trick-or-treating, there's one thing left to do: go to Disneyland! One of the biggest American-born places in the French capital, the theme park is perhaps the most Halloween-centric spot in the city during this holiday. They hold Halloween-themed parades, the "Haunted Mansion" becomes the most popular attraction, and even a few Disney characters would dress up in Halloween costumes themselves. 


Horror Movies are The Best

It can't be stressed enough that Halloween isn't a big deal in Paris. But if you really want to get into the spirit of the holiday when you're here, you can always watch a scary movie. Heck, that's what a lot of the locals here are probably doing as well. If those who don't want to party and wear a costume still want to get in on the fun, streaming a horror flick on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even buying a DVD would be the next best thing. And you can expect they'll be watching it with a glass of wine too! 


How Parisians Celebrate Halloween


If you ever find yourself in Paris during Halloween, there are a few things you ought to know about how the city during this holiday. It will save you a lot of time, effort, and even embarrassment if you knew just how Parisians go about celebrating Halloween.  


Even if Halloween isn't a big deal in Paris, you can still celebrate it in your own home in the city. And it's better if you do it in a luxury rental too! 




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