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Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home

October 26, 2020
Do you know the worst part about having to spend Halloween at home for quarantine? Not being able to strut your stuff in your best costume! That's the best part of the holiday! As you grow older and out of trick-or-treating and into partying all night long, what you wear for your costume becomes the most exciting part. Unfortunately, however, you can't do that this year. Or can you? Just because you're at home, it doesn't mean you can wear a costume for Halloween. And here are a few easy and comfy options that you can go as!

Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home


Any Fluffy Animal

This is probably the easiest one on this list. But it's also the comfiest! Just buy an animal onesie from any costume store or even online shop you can find and you're good to go! The best part about this is that you can match with your kids and look like one happy family of dogs, cats, rabbits, or whatever animal you choose. But if you're single (and ready to mingle.. online), on the other hand, going for a sexier look just might do. There's the classic kitten, the Playboy bunny, and a few others that are likely not safe for work! 

Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home


Hogwarts Student

A white shirt, a tie, and a black robe (your graduation robe, if it's black, will do!) and you're good to go! That's how easy it is to dress up like a Hogwarts student. If you want, a pair of glasses will turn you into Harry real quick. A ginger wig will have you looking like Ron in no time. And curling up your hair will do for an instant Hermione costume. It helps that the Harry Potter films were some of the most popular back in the day. Now, a few wardrobe basics will give you a costume that's easy to identify.  

Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home


Holly Golightly

The best thing about dressing up as Holly Golightly for Halloween is that, not only do you have a lot of options, they're all easy to whip up too! There's, of course, the classic LBD with the pearls, her look in the first scene of the film. An oversized white shirt and turquoise sleeping mask for the next scene where she first meets Paul (who she calls Fred). Or a pink dress with a pink diamond tiara from the scene where she goes crazy and destroys her room. Audrey Hepburn sure had a lot of great outfits in the movie. All of which are easy options for a glamorous Halloween costume!

Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home


Freddy Krueger

Now, this is a lot trickier to do but still doable (and fun!) nonetheless! Freddy Krueger has a distinct look that's far from easy. His face alone will require a unique mask or some heavy makeup! But his clothes, on the other hand, quite simple. All you really need is a red and brown striped shirt, a fedora, and some long claws. Once you have all of that down pat, people will instantly know who you come has. Fortunately, a lot of these pieces are style staples already. It's likely you already have some of them in your closet! 

Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home


Clark Kent

Dressing up as Superman won't require a leotard and a cape. That is if you're going as Clark Kent. Heck, Clark Kent himself is somewhat of a costume for the superhero. An alter ego he uses to blend into society. And to look like him, all you really need is a Superman shirt, a white button-down, and a pair of glasses. It helps that they're all pretty basic stuff that you can find anywhere, be it in a vintage shop or even a designer outlet store. Don't forget to coiffe your hair just so; it adds to the whole look! 

Comfy Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear at Home


Just because you're spending Halloween at home, it doesn't mean you have to stop all the fun! You can just as easily sport a costume indoors, especially easy ones that you can whip up with the help of your closet. And since you have nowhere to go, you can always post your look on social media! 

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