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Crime Rate in Budapest: What You Need to Know

September 30, 2020
It's no secret that Budapest isn't exactly the most popular city in the world. In Europe alone, the likes of Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Brussels, and Vienna trump the Hungarian capital. But you know what? The fact that a city is underrated and underappreciated isn't exactly a bad thing. For the most part, at the very least, it's likely that it's such places that are less dangerous than the more popular ones. While other European capitals have seen terrorist attacks or an increase in crimes, Budapest remains one of the safer cities in the continent. Just look at its current crime rates!

Crime Rate in Budapest: What You Need to Know


Budapest's General Crime Rate

According to Numbeo.com, Budapest's crime rate is at 32.71%  right now. Compared to its sister capital cities, it's on the lower half of the spectrum. Though this is, by no means, a sign that the Hungarian capital is an entirely safe destination, it does bode well for those who may be worried to travel or even move here. With that said, however, you should also note that the rate of increasing crimes in the past few years is at a moderate 46.27%. Based on this, there's no telling how long the city's crime rate will remain as low as it is now. 


Highest-Rated Crimes in Budapest

So, while it's established that Budapest largely remains a safe city, there are still some crimes committed here. If there weren't, then the general crime rate would be 0, right? But what are these crimes? For now, the highest-rated is corruption at 72.27%, which is considered high. It seems the people who run the city aren't immune to bribery and other deviant business acts. And while it's a bit of a relief that the most commonly committed crime isn't a violent one, it may affect the general job market and political stability in the country. Most especially since Budapest is the seat of power in Hungary, 


Crime Rate in Budapest: What You Need to Know


Crimes You Still Need to Look Out For

In terms of crimes that may affect you on the street, vandalism & theft are ones to watch out for. They're currently at a moderate rate of 46.71%. This should tell you to always be vigilant when exploring the city. You never know what might be taken from you if you're not careful. Homes being broken into follows after that with a rate of 46.27%. When buying your own home in Budapest, better to pick a nice neighborhood. And if you have a car, park it somewhere safe and secure! Car theft is the fourth most commonly committed crime in Budapest with a rate of 41.52%. 


Walking Around Budapest

Despite all the crimes mentioned, it's actually still safe to explore Budapest on your own. Most especially during the day as the safety rate for walking around the city is at 84.23%. With a rate higher than the highest-rated crime in the Hungarian capital, this bodes well for those who would often want to take a stroll in such a beautiful city. At night, however, the safety rates drop to 61.02%. While still considered high, it's bordering on moderate, meaning you'd do well in taking safety measures when going out after dark. As the saying goes, "it's better to be safe than sorry!" 


Crime Rate in Budapest: What You Need to Know


Areas in Budapest You're Better Off Avoiding

It can't be helped that even in a city like Budapest, there'd be areas you're better off avoiding. While the eighth district of the city, Józsefváros, is a beautiful area, there's one street you shouldn't really go to. It's Diószegi Sámuel Street! As reported by Daily News Hungary, city officials once found 150 doses of drugs, contraband cigarettes, and weapons in this place. It's also one of the poorer parts of Budapest as well, resulting in a lot of theft and other deviant acts going on here. Szabadkai road, in Ferencváros, on the other hand, is notorious for being a common ground for sex workers. 


Helpful Tips to Stay Safe in Budapest

When traveling around in Budapest via public transport, don't stay too long in the stations. You never know what kind of characters are lurking in the shadows in these places. You're better off avoiding spending time in these stations at night when pickpockets and harassers are more likely to act. Though in any case, you should stay vigilant while you're here. Even though the popular tourist spots may seem safe because they're often crowded, it's often here that many criminals are looking for unsuspecting victims to steal from. As much as you can, also travel in groups. The more people you're with, the more you're protected. 


Crime Rate in Budapest: What You Need to Know


Budapest may not be the most popular city in Europe, let alone the world, but at least it's a lot safer here than in the more famous capitals. You have better chances of staying safe while exploring the city than you do in other European destinations! 

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