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Helpful Ways to Get a Job in Hungary

September 29, 2020
Hungary isn't a bad place to work in. In fact, more than it's not a bad place, it's actually one of the more stable countries to work in. While others focus on finding employment in the USA, China, France, or the UK, overlooking opportunity is a missed opportunity many are likely to regret. The country has a lot of promising fields and booming industries looking for professionals to contribute their skills and knowledge. Add to that the comfortable life it offers, especially since Hungary is largely a peaceful country. So if you want to work here, here are some helpful ways to do so.

Helpful Ways to Get a Job in Hungary

Source: Flickr.com/ Amtec Photos


Get the Right Permit/s First

While getting a Schengen Visa will allow you to travel to Hungary, it won't permit you to work here. You'll have to apply for a work visa in order to legally find employment in this country. But if you're from any EU country, you can easily get a job here no problem. That's part of the benefits of being a citizen of this big union. However, if you're from overseas, you'll need to find a job even before you land in Hungary. Your Hungarian employer will be the one to sponsor your petition to legally moving and working in the country. 

Build Up Your Network

Once you get here and you're in sudden need of a new job—or perhaps some part-time work if your current job doesn't pay as much as you need/want—be sure to build up your network here. In fact, you're better off starting on the plane going to Hungary. Make friends and connect with your seatmates and other people you meet on your journey. You never know how much they'll benefit you in the pursuit of your career. And that goes the same for the people you meet in the country as well. Be sure to save all the acquaintances you make here. 

Helpful Ways to Get a Job in Hungary

Job-Seeking Websites to Log Into

Of course, going on the internet has become the standard for job-hunting. It makes the process easier too! All you have to do is to log into any job-searching website, make a profile, upload your CV, and apply for as many job posts that pique your interest as possible. If a company is interested in you, they'll send you an email and thus begins the hiring process. It's as simple and fast as that, so no wonder most people and companies use such platforms nowadays. Here in Hungary, Monster, CVOnline, Jobline, and LinkedIn are just some of the most popular websites to go to. 

How to Teach English in Hungary

Unbeknownst to many, Hungary's job market actually has a lot of space for foreign workers. It's possible you might find more opportunities for employment here than in other European countries. And for those who can't speak Hungarian, there's always the option to teach English instead. Such a profession has proven to not only be popular, but essential in the country in the past few years. Though you may need a college degree and take various TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) to get legally certified, getting the attention of reputable schools, companies, and the like. As long as you have and achieved these, you'll be fine! 

Helpful Ways to Get a Job in Hungary

Seek Help from a Recruitment Agency

At times, if you really need it, you can always get professional help. Recruitment agencies are still quite popular in Hungary. Many people seek their help in finding the right job for their skills and knowledge. At times, some people even go to them simply because they want jobs that they'll be comfortable in. Whatever your needs, these agencies will work hard in answering them. The likes of Serendi, Job-Center Személyzeti Tanácsadó Iroda, and more have proven their worth in these sorts of things. You'd be wise in seeking their help when you're left unemployed in Hungary one day. 

Trust the Newspapers

And when all else fails, at least there are still the newspapers. Though you might need to learn Hungarian first in order to understand them, these long-time publications have served many people over the years. Here in this European country, the traditional way of finding a job in the paper is still alive and well. Even when the internet has essentially taken over this role, classified ads continue to help several unemployed to land a job. Though the process is slower than the norm nowadays, there's no trouble going through it as long as you get hired in the end! 

Helpful Ways to Get a Job in Hungary

Finding work in any country can be challenging and exhausting. However, in a country like Hungary, it's not necessarily impossible to do so. As long as you go for any of these helpful ways, there's no way you won't land employment anytime soon! 

When you do, be sure to save up so you can get a nice luxurious home in Hungary! Heaven knows you'll deserve it!