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How To Determine if Your Apartment is Baby Proof

September 25, 2021
Moving to a new home can already feel daunting and definitely exhausting. But what more when you have a baby with you as well? Relocating to a new place is a lot more challenging when there are infants or toddlers involved. Sure, at the very least, since they're only a couple of months or one or two years old, you don't have to worry about finding a school for them. But you do have to be wary of your own home. Is it safe for a baby to be in? Is it 100% baby proof? Here are some things to look out for to determine this!

How To Determine if Your Apartment is Baby Proof


How Near is your Home to The Road?

First thing's first, how near is your apartment to the road? Does your building lobby lead right to the street? Is there a gate or a fence separating the front door to the open sidewalk? You have to make sure that, at all costs, there's little to no chance your toddler can walk or crawl outside to the open road. Or else it can lead to some very tragic accidents. Fortunately, in many major cities, such as luxury rentals in Paris or the elegant homes in London, for instance. often have fences or gates separating the unites from the streets. 


Are There Unsafe Places for Children There?

A pool area that's completely open, an in-house bar that hosts some seedy characters, or even long steep staircases with fragile railings. There are just some very unsafe places within an apartment building that can prove to be quite dangerous for babies and toddlers. Most especially the latter since they're mostly able to walk around the place. And if left unsupervised, there's no telling what kind of places they might wander into. So it's important to note that a baby proof apartment goes beyond your initial unit. The places outside it can also affect the overall safety of your little ones. 


How To Determine if Your Apartment is Baby Proof


Did You Check the Doors?

Of course, at times, you have no choice but to stay within a certain apartment building, be it for location or financial issues. And in such a case, it's best to go for homes with strong and sturdy doors. Those that your toddler won't easily open when left to his/her own devices. That's why sliding doors are definitely out when it comes to baby proof apartments. There's no telling what might happen the baby once he/she gets passed those things. Doors with locks are often the most advisable to have in safe homes for little ones, a well as knobs that they can't reach. 


Can Your Kid Easily Go to the Kitchen?

Yes, luxury rentals with great kitchens, especially in busy cities like Rome, New York, or Paris, are some for the most desirable. But it's a different issue when there are babies involved. A great kitchen in your unit will only be safe for the little ones if it's far from their rooms or play areas. After all, as beautiful and peaceful kitchens can be, there's no denying they're still very dangerous to toddlers. From the sharp objects and corners to the electric appliances, it's extremely hazardous to let a young child—curios and eager to run around and play—loose in this part of the apartment. 


How To Determine if Your Apartment is Baby Proof


Are There Many Sharp Corners

Speaking of sharp corners, those are also home elements you could do without if you live with a toddler. But that's not entirely possible, is it? Tables, desks, chairs, shelves—there will be corners in all the rooms of your apartment. There's no dancing around that. However, apart from placing baby proofing covers on them, you can always minimize the angular elements yourself. Take note of the opulent living rooms in Parisian apartments. You'll find that it's possible to go for circular furniture items that aren't only baby proof but add character to your home as well. The more your place has them, the better! 


Where are The Outlets?

When you first move into your new home, one of the first things you ought to do when it comes to ensuring it's a baby-proof home for your little ones is to find the outlets. Where are they located? Are there a lot in each room? Are they positioned that makes them easily accessible to your babies? A certified baby proof home has relatively few outlets and they're mostly placed in areas where you young kids can't get to just willy nilly. Hopefully, your little ones' rooms and play areas won't have a lot of them as well. 


Do the Blinds/Curtains have Long Cords?

Any beautiful bedroom or grand living room will probably have curtains and blinds covering the windows and glass doors. But while they may look beautiful, they're not always the safest if you have a little one toddling around the apartment. It's guaranteed that they'll enjoy playing in them, but it becomes dangerous when such curtains or blinds ahve long cords. From tripping to possibly choking on them, the shorter the cords, the better. If your sheets simply have long cords, tie them up so that there's no way your kid can get a hold of them. 


How To Determine if Your Apartment is Baby Proof


As beautiful as your new apartment is, it's a totally different matter when you have very young kids with you. You have to ensure that you're home is baby proof enough that your little ones can play and run around without any risk of hurting themselves.



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