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Effective Ways to Get a Job in Austria

September 17, 2021
Let's face it: finding a job anywhere is so taxing. It can drain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You spent many years studying in school, preparing yourself to be the best that you can be so that when the time comes that you have to work, you'll succeed. You can finally start your dream of achieving a big career in your chosen field. But you have to begin with finding employment. Fortunately, through the years, the process of job hunting has gradually eased up, thanks in large part of technology and the internet. Here in Austria, there are a handful of ways of finding work.

Effective Ways to Get a Job in Austria


Improve Your German

Want to work in Austria? Then learn how to speak German. While it's not exactly a requirement to do so, it will help you a lot in getting a good job in the country. Both local and international companies prefer German-speaking employees, whether they're from the country or not. They trust that those who have a good grasp of the language can help the business in more ways than one. And for yourself, you can slowly but surely climb up the corporate ladder if you're able to communicate with a lot more people, be they clients, customers, and more. 


Strengthen Your Network

No matter where you are in the world, whether you're in Austria or in another country, strengthening your network will always have its benefits in landing a job. From websites like LinkedIn and Meetup to simply making friends in your neighborhood, there's no end to how much people might be able to help you find work. Your neighbor in Vienna, for instance, might know someone connected to the company you're eyeing to work for. Or your date last night may be starting a company that you can help grow into a big business. Always know that anybody and everybody can be instrumental in your job search in Austria. 


Effective Ways to Get a Job in Austria


Look for A Job Online

In this day and age, the internet is practically everything. So many programs and platforms online can help you with whatever you need, including finding a job. In fact, it's become the norm in many countries—Austria included—to look for work in the many job-seeking websites available. Companies also use such platforms to make their hiring processes that much faster and easier. All you need to sign up in any of these sites, upload your CV and cover letter, and apply for jobs. If you're lucky, they'll reply with an email and possibly a job interview invitation. Here in Austria, the websites to go for include Indeed, Monster, and Jobs in Vienna


Enlist Help from a Recruiter

Austria knows that its job market is getting stronger and bigger. And because of that, there's still a big need for recruiters. If you really can't get a job on your own and your network isn't big enough yet that you can rely on connections, why not go to a recruitment agency? Agencies like Manpower and Aviteus will find the perfect job for you, even those you probably never thought you had any potential for. Without you realizing, you might even excel in the jobs they'll give you, making you one step closer to achieving a fruitful career.  


Effective Ways to Get a Job in Austria


Find Work in the Newspapers

When all else fails, there are still the trusty newspapers. Despite the rise of job-seeking websites, newspapers still post new job openings in their classified ads pages. Many companies in Austria know that not everyone will have access to the internet. They don't want to miss the chance of hiring the best person for the job if they only stay within mediums that not all can get to. So if every going online doesn’t work for you anymore, why not get a newspaper and jot down the ads that pique your interest. Austrian newspapers such as Die Presse and Weiner Zeitung are trustworthy in this respect.   


Apply Everywhere

Finding a job takes courage, and if you have a lot of it, why not just simply apply to the companies you want to work for? What's stopping you? The fact they don't have any current job openings? So what? You should still take the initiative of introducing yourself by giving your CV and cover letter to their HR. The worst that will happen is that they'll simply ignore your application, especially when they don't have any openings at the moment. But know that even if that happens, the company might still keep your materials for reference to when they do need an employee with your qualifications! 


Effective Ways to Get a Job in Austria


Finding a job may, itself, be hard work, but it's not impossible! Especially in Austria where there are many ways to land employment. Before you know it, you'd already found the perfect job for you in this country! 

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