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Best Schools in Tel Aviv to Learn Hebrew

September 14, 2020
If there's one language unlike any other in the world, it's Hebrew. From the way it's spoken to how it's written, there's not another spoken dialect that comes close. And that's interesting considering that, with so many people of Jewish faith and descent all over the world, it's one of the most commonly spoken languages out there. Most especially in Israel, the Jewish homeland. One of the country's central cities, Tel Aviv, is perhaps one of the best places to learn Hebrew in. There are a good many language schools here where they'll teach it to you until you're fluent at it.

Best Schools in Tel Aviv to Learn Hebrew


Ulpan Aviv Bertele

Located on the north side of Tel Aviv, Ulpan Aviv Bertele (UAB) is a prominent language school for learning Hebrew. They're all about practicality here, teaching you the basics, the proper grammar, and everything else that you need to know in order to speak the language fluently. But also, so that you can apply everything you've learned in your everyday life, especially when you find a job. What's also practical about how they teach Hebrew is that they only have a limited number of students per class, making it easy for the native-speaking teachers to focus on and help each student the best that they can. 


Ulpan Bayit

When it comes to learning materials, Ulpan Bayit arguably has every other school beat. The make use of a lot of resources to help guide their students, from Hebrew textbooks borrowed from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to Israel media and entertainment, this institution knows that in learning this complicated language, students will need all the help they can get. In a way, with such diverse tools, you can learn about the different degrees of Hebrew, from the more formal used in official settings and solemn ceremonies to the conversational that you can use with your friends and family. 


Best Schools in Tel Aviv to Learn Hebrew


Ulpan Gordon

Ask any Hebrew students in Tel Aviv which is the most prominent language school in the city and a good majority will probably tell you it's Ulpan Gordon. A well-known institution in the former Israeli capital, it's a standard (and high-standard!) place of learning the language. The teachers here are more than committed to making you fluent in Hebrew by the time you end your courses, and with their dedication, that's not going to be an impossibility. With 40 classes running at the same time per semester, you'll really feel like you're in an actual school here. And it just might push you to study the language better. 


Ulpan Neve Tsedek

Though it's a relatively young school, Ulpan Neve Tsedek has risen in popularity in recent years. It helps that it's in Neve Tsedek, one of Tel Aviv's prominent neighborhoods, making it an easy school to get to by public transport. Compared to other Hebrew schools, they only have a limited number of students in each class, making the learning environment much more intimate, compact, and accessible for all students to learn more efficiently. The fewer people there are around you, the more you can concentrate on your studies and better absorb the language to achieve maximum fluency. 


Best Schools in Tel Aviv to Learn Hebrew


Ulpan La-Inyan

Let's face it, you probably don't have all the time in the world to devote to learning Hebrew. It's not that you don't think it's important, it's just that you have to go to work or school during the day and barely have any time afterward, right? Well, at least this is what Ulpan La-Inyan understands. They only hold classes three or four times a week, allowing their students to work up a schedule where they can still come to class and live a life outside of it at the same time. Simply put, this school is for those who are hustling and bustling but still want to learn Hebrew. 


IDC Ulpan

On the flip side, IDC Ulpan is the complete opposite of Ulpan La-Inyan. This school is for those who need to learn the language or improve their skills at it as soon as possible. That's why most of their courses only run for six weeks, and you bet your behind that after that time you'll be more fluent in Hebrew than you first started. This school is, after all, affiliated with a lot of other respected institutions in Israel, such as the Raanana Ulpan, the most respected language school in the country. This is the school to enroll in when you're first starting out in Israel.


This Is Not An Ulpan

Just by its name alone, you can already tell that this particular language school approaches teaching Hebrew in unorthodox ways. They've done away with the traditional classroom setting and standard curriculums and face the language head-on. Instead of reading textbooks, you'd be encouraged to speak what you just learned by conversing with your classmates. Instead of looking at slideshows, you'll be let outside to join various events instead. Here, it's all about the application as it is about learning and comprehension. Because how else will you get used to speaking Hebrew if you don't do it yourself at all? 


Best Schools in Tel Aviv to Learn Hebrew


Where else would you learn Hebrew than in Tel Aviv, one of the central cities in the country where the language is spoken? There's a handful of prominent language schools here that will help you become fluent in Hebrew in no time! 

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