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Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

September 09, 2021
Prague is a city that's a feast for the eyes. Centuries-old structures, fairytale-like villas, postcard-worthy neighborhoods, and more. Its beauty can rival any other city any day. no matter where it is in the world. However, did you know that the Czech capital is also a feast for the tummy? In the sense that you can get an actual feast that your taste buds will thank you for. While the city isn't exactly a known food capital, it does have its fair share of fine restaurants worth checking out. Here are a few of them you should visit the net time you're in Prague.

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague


Bistro à Table

How does one enjoy wine the French way? With a superb French dish of course! From filet mignon to escargot, there's no end to what you can pair with a delicious red that's been preserved for a couple of years now. But you're in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic? Why would you want to drink wine with French food here? Because Bistro à Table is a French culinary hotspot that's a must-try for anyone into fine cuisines. Sure, it's a bit strange to eat another country's cuisine in the capital of a different nation. But once you try the food here, you'll understand why it's so popular! 

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

Source: Bistro à Table Facebook Page


Café Savoy

Another French culinary hotspot you ought to try is Café Savoy. Serving French breakfasts every morning, eating here would be a great way to start the day. Think buttered up croissants with a hot cup of coffee. Thin and delicate crepes served with fresh fruit and light cream. All of it is making you salivate, isn't it? But don't think that it's all French in this establishment. the café also serves authentic Czech dishes too, mostly for lunch and dinner. The place is in Prague after all, the country's capital city. It can't be overshadowed by French food no matter how good they are. 

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

Source: Café Savoy Facebook Page



Now for some actual Czech cuisine! It's safe to say that, for a truly  100% authentic Czech dining experience, Krčma is your best bet. Nestled near the Old Town Square, one of Prague's must-visit areas, it's a hidden gem of a hotspot that's just waiting to be discovered.  Resembling an old-school tavern from the Middle Ages, they serve up the best of Czech cuisine at very affordable prices. One of their specialties is the svíčková, a meaty dish served with flatbread and hot bubbling cream. Eating it there would make you feel like you traveled back in time. 

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

Source: Krčma



Buffets aren't exactly popular in European cities. Well, except maybe in hotels and such. But for the most part, the finest restaurants in this continent rarely serve their food out in the open. And yet, in Prague, there's Kuchyň. A unique culinary hotspot where, sort of like a buffet, you get to choose what you eat on the spot. Though the way things go here are slightly different. Instead of presenting the food out in the open, you have to lift the pots on the stove and get your food there. At times, the dishes are a mystery, but there's no denying they're authentically Czech! 

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

Source: Kuchyň Facebook Page


Portfolio Restaurant

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without an establishment for fine dining! And for that, you can go to Portfolio Restuarant. A sophisticated Michelin-starred culinary hotspot, this is the perfect place to eat out for a special occasion. Or if you just want to impress your significant other on a hot date. Whichever it is, you'll enjoy the French and Italian cuisines on offer here, each dish as authentically made as if you were dining in those neighboring countries yourself. Complete with excellent service and an elegant ambiance, the experience here is first-class all the way! Just prepare yourself for the dining costs here. 

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

Source: Portfolio Restaurant Facebook Page



Now, just because you're in Europe doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Asian food. After all, Easter cuisines taste good no matter where you are. And there are those places that make them and serve them even better than in the Asian countries themselves. A good example is Sansho, a fine-dining restaurant in Florenc. From Vietnamese to Chinese and everything in-between, you can taste the flavors of the East in this beautiful establishment. Spicy, tangy, zesty—these are only a few of the delectable tastes you'll experience in this place. And trust that the ingredients here are only the freshest and the most organic available in the city. 

Top-Notch Restaurants in Prague

Source: Sansho Facebook Page


It's a shame Prague isn't regarded as a food capital. With all these amazing culinary hotspots, the Czech capital has so much to offer in terms of tastes, flavors, and the perfect dining ambiance for every occasion. 

At least, the city has no scarcity in luxury apartments! The type you could still fully enjoy food in whilst living/staying in Prague!





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