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The Mobile Phone Networks to Go For in The Netherlands

August 10, 2020
One thing many people often forget to do when they travel to another country is to get a local SIM card. Most especially nowadays when practically everything is online. However, getting a local SIM card should actually be one of the first things people do when they go to another country. Sure, even if they don't, they can still go online, but that means having to rely too much on different Wifi hotspots. So it's better to get a local SIM instead that will also give you your own internet data. And here in the Netherlands, here are the mobile networks to go for.

The Mobile Phone Networks to Go For in The Netherlands



KPN is actually the biggest mobile network in the Netherlands, with coverage throughout most of the different regions in the country. Moreover, it's the most preferred by expats and tourists because of their great deals and amazing internet coverage. Subscribing to this network is SIM-only, meaning you have no choice but to get one when you go for this network. At the very least. the highest price you'll have to pay for a month's coverage is €30.00. And that's already with 20GB of internet data and unlimited calls and texts! Not a bad deal, right? 



Vodafone is actually one of the UK's biggest mobile networks that also provide coverage throughout the rest of Europe, including the Netherlands. Also a SIM-only subscription system, going for this network will automatically give you a local card. Though it might cost a pretty penny for a good plan. Rest assured, however, every cent you pay will be worth it. What's great about Vodafone is that it's a strong network that's trusted in practically all of Europe. so even if you decide to travel outside the Netherlands for a bit, you can still use your local SIM card. 


The Mobile Phone Networks to Go For in The Netherlands



There are many reasons why you should consider going for Youfone in the Netherlands. The first is that it has a strong 4G internet connection, which means wherever you stumble upon in the country, you'll remain online and connected. The prices are very competitive as well, with most of the great deals under €20.00! In fact, one plan can already give you 5GB worth of internet access with unlimited calls and texts and it will only cost you €11.00 a month! While one of their bigger packages include 10GB internet data that only costs €12.00 a month and a two-year subscription to boot! 



One of the largest telecommunications companies in the Netherlands, Tele2 is another trustworthy network that has a great selection of plans to choose from. Plus they're all pretty affordable too, with the most expensive being just €20.00 a month, and that will already come with 20GB internet data and unlimited calls and texts. Take note, that's a 4G internet connection, giving you strong WiFi wherever you may be within the country. And when the time comes that you have to go home, you can simply terminate your subscription with minimal to no charge at all. It's the sort of deal that's perfect for tourists. 


The Mobile Phone Networks to Go For in The Netherlands



You probably heard that T-Mobile is one of the USA's best mobile networks. Well, not a lot of people know this but it also covers a bit of the Netherlands as well. Unlimited calls and texts, as well as strong internet connection, await subscribers who choose to go for this network. And best of all? Most of their plans are affordable! You won't go wrong with this international company that's already a big hit in the US. Here, the network is just as reliable, trustworthy, and will give you everything that you need and could ever want in a local SIM package at low costs! 



Another SIM-only subscription network, Lebara is another affordable network you can opt for. They're all about the unlimited calls & texts, not just within the Netherlands, but to over 44 countries as well. Not to mention their great internet connection deals. With just €20.00 a month, you can already get 10GB of their strong WiFi data. Not bad, right? Their offers also vary in time coverage, with some as 1-year contracts while others are monthly deals. And for the latter, you can terminate your subscription at any time and it won't cost you a lot! For tourists, these are the types of deals to go for! 



You can already tell by its name alone why you should go for BudgetMobiel. This is the network to choose when you're on a budget but you still need strong internet data and enough calls & texts per month. So how affordable is BudgetMobiel? Well, their great deals can go as low as €5.00 a month, packed with enough data and minutes to keep you on top of things. You can also terminate your subscription at any time with minimal charges. So, what's not to like about this great mobile network? 


The Mobile Phone Networks to Go For in The Netherlands


The moment you land in the Netherlands, you should already be thinking about getting a local SIM card. Fortunately, the biggest networks in the country offer deals and packages at affordable rates and packed with all you need in a local SIM!

Once you've been able to save money with a great mobile plan, you can finally invest more in getting that luxurious Dutch apartment for your new home here! They're the best options for accommodations!