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The UK's Best Mobile Phone Networks

July 15, 2021
London is the type of city that you just have to use your phone. It's so busy and crowded and congested here that if you have n means of communicating with other people, you probably won't see them as often as you would like. At the same time, even when you do have your phone with you, id you don't have a local SIM card, then what's the point? When you move to a country like the UK, one of the first things that you should do is to get a local mobile phone plan. And here are the networks worth looking into for that.

The UK's Best Mobile Phone Networks


Vodafone Mobile

It's no surprise why Vodafone has become one of the most popular mobile phone networks in the UK. The company was one of the first of its kind to offer a 4G LTE signal, allowing all users to have a strong connection wherever they may be. And that includes those in other countries as well. Yes, Vodafone actually operates globally as well, making it easier for those outside of the UK to purchase their own plans even before they step foot in the country. And soon, the company will eventually introduce their stronger 5G LTE signal as well. 


Virgin Media Mobile

Getting a new mobile phone plan is stressful enough, what more when you need to change it for a different plan? In many companies, the process won't just have a lot of steps to take, but it might also take months to get it processed altogether. Fortunately, that's not the case for Virgin Media Mobile. And yes, they're affiliated with the famous Virgin Airlines. Anyways, arguably the best part about this network is that it's easy to change plans when you feel the need to. their flexibility is what makes them stand out against other telecommunications companies in the UK. 


The UK's Best Mobile Phone Networks


O2 Mobile

O2 Mobile is an international telecommunications company that operates primarily in the UK and in Europe. In fact, it's become one of the best in France and definitely a go-to mobile phone network here in the UK as well. The variety of their offers contributes to their massive popularity in the 'old continent,' including Pay As You Go packages, phone/tablets with SIM cards deal, and the like. Moreover, its systems work in many countries throughout Europe, making it easier for users to still use their plan whenever they travel across the region. And the prices aren't bad either! 


ID Mobile

While ID Mobile's offers are quite limited, it's still become one of the most popular and in-demand mobile networks in the country. How did this happen? Well, many people appreciated that many of the company's packages and deals aren't that expensive. And if you live in a city as highly-priced as London, this is very much welcomed. Starting at £5 per month, you could get either their SIM only or PAYG deals, many of which offer 100MB to 30GB of data. As well as unlimited calls and texts and takeaway SIM cards of international travel! Not bad, right? 


The UK's Best Mobile Phone Networks


GiffGaff Mobile

Similarly, GiffGaff is another mobile phone network that offers cheap packages for the budgeted Londoner or British resident. Their prices also start at £5 per month and for as little as £6, you can already get 500Mb of internet data with unlimited minutes for calling and unlimited texts. Doesn't sound too shabby, right? And what's even better is that the company is also flexible similarly to Virgin Media Mobile. Users can cancel or change their plans without having to go through the hassle of a weeks-long process and additional fees on top of that. This is why many have gone for this network. 


EE Mobile

EE Mobile is perhaps the biggest mobile network in the country. It was this company that first introduced 4G LTE signal t the UK, leading thousands to register and avail of their deals and plans. Today, it remains one of the most popular telecommunications companies in the country, mostly because it continues to be ahead of the curve in terms of what they offer. In fact, in 2019, EE Mobile was the first network to offer 5G data to many of its users. And such plans also came with discounted subscriptions to the likes of Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport, and more. 


The UK's Best Mobile Phone Networks


BT Mobile

Following in the footsteps of EE Mobile is another BT Group-owned network, BT Mobile. While it's fairly new and still has yet to join the ranks of its affiliated company, It has gotten attention due to their SIM Family packages. Such plans allow multiple users to share one account yet have separate data allowance and special discounts. This makes it easier for parents to pay and handle theirs as well as their kids' mobile plans without the hassle of multiple payments and the like. Furthermore, as with EE Mobile, BT Mobile now also offer 5G LTE data to many customers throughout the country.  


3 Mobile

Since 3 mobile doesn't have the fastest nor the strongest coverage, you'd think it won't last long in the telecommunications game, right? Well, you're wrong. 3 Mobile is actually one of the most popular mobile phone networks in the UK today and that's despite their data weaknesses. So how were they able to get so big with relatively limited coverage? for one thing, their packages can be used internationally, even in countries not part of the EU. Wherever you are, you can still use your 3 Mobile SIM card and you don't ahve to exchange it with other plans from the same or different companies. 


The UK's Best Mobile Phone Networks


Here in the UK, you'll need to get a local SIM card in order to live easily, happily, and hassle-free. The good news is there are a lot of great mobile phone networks to choose from, each with their own amazing packages and deals that are worth every pound you'll spend on them. 


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