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Crime Rate in Amsterdam: What You Need to Know

August 09, 2020
Is Amsterdam a safe city? It seems very much like it, right? A fairytale-like utopia where it seems nothing bad can happen. a postcard-ready paradise that feels all too perfect. Well, Amsterdam is no such city. Just like any other capital city out there, this bustling metropolis has its own fair share of problems, including crime. Yes, Amsterdam also witnesses a lot of crime as well, Fortunately, it's not as bad as in other European cities, thereby no cause for serious alarm. However, it wouldn't hurt to know the crime rate in the city, which crimes are most commonly committed, and which areas to avoid.

Crime Rate in Amsterdam: What You Need to Know

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The General Rate of Crime in Amsterdam

The good news is the general crime rate of Amsterdam is low. It's only at 33.35%, making it one of the very few European capitals that has a low crime rate. Though the city has seen an increase in crime in the past few years, with a rising rate of 53.26%, it's not that big of a deal. All in all, the city's police department has stayed on top of things for the longest time. And while there are still crimes committed in the Dutch capital, they're rarely violent and would definitely not affect visiting tourists as much. 


Crimes with the Highest Rates in the Dutch Capital

Still, you ought to know which crimes are most commonly committed in this city. At least, you'll be aware of them, making it easier for you to avoid them. According to Numbeo, drug-dealing has the highest rate with 47.12%. Though it's also ironic seeing as Amsterdam is infamous for legalizing marijuana. But it's the more dangerous drugs that are secretly dealt along the sketchier parts of the city. Next in line is theft and vandalism at 41.22%. Pickpockets are all too common in tourist-heavy cities like Amsterdam. You'll do better by being more aware of your surroundings while going out. 


Crime Rate in Amsterdam: What You Need to Know


The Rate of Safety of Walking in Amsterdam

With that said, it is still safe to walk around Amsterdam. In fact, it has the highest rates of safety among many European cities. During the day, it's 80.22% high to walk around the Dutch capital, particularly in tourist-heavy hotspots and areas. While at night, the rate goes down to 63.67%. Substantially lower, yes, but still a moderate rate at best. You just have to stay within groups of people or not wander into quiet sketchy alleyways and such to remain safe. If you can't help but be by yourself, better to go home via a taxi or a ride-hailing app instead. 


Amsterdam's Infamous Red Light District

Now, in terms of tourist spots in Amsterdam, the city's red-light district is infamous. It's practically the most well-known area of its kind out of all the cities in the world. In terms of safety, however, the district is generally safe as long as you're with company. And you're just walking along the area, seeing the infamous sights along the way. It's actually inside these shady establishments where the real crime is committed, from organized crime and counterfeiting money to women illegally selling their bodies. You'd do good not to go inside any shady establishment unless they're known to be legitimate businesses. 


Crime Rate in Amsterdam: What You Need to Know


Areas to Avoid in Amsterdam

Apart from many spots in the red-light district, there are other areas in Amsterdam you should avoid. While Amsterdam neighborhoods are mostly safe and harmless, it can't be helped that some parts, particularly the poorer ones, you're better off not going to at all. These include the southeast area of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam Zuidoost. It's a poverty-stricken place where some of the most commonly committed crimes in the city are often seen. Though it's the west side of the city—Bos & Lommer and Nieuw-West—that have the biggest number of recorded crimes. It's best to avoid these parts too. 


Top Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Crime Here

By all means, try not to wander alone at night in the city. Because while it's still moderately safe to do so, you never know which kinds of deviants are lurking in the dark corners. And their easiest targets are often those strolling the city all alone. Always keep your bag close to you. Pickpockets target the bags the most as they know that's where usually the wallet and other precious items are stored. Keep aware of your surroundings, particularly in tourist-heavy places because thieves are most likely looking for their next victims here. 


Crime Rate in Amsterdam: What You Need to Know


Amsterdam is generally a safe place. At the very least, it's a lot safer than other capital cities in Europe, so that's saying something. However, it still pays to keep aware of your surroundings and avoid dangerous areas as much as you can.

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