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The Best Transportation Apps in The Netherlands

August 06, 2020
Thank goodness for technology! Who knew that a lot of daily hassles could be simplified with the help of your phone? Need to know what's up? Go check your phone! Need to call someone for help! Use your phone! Need to get to a certain destination? Your phone is your answer! How exactly? Though the many transportation apps. Here in the Netherlands, a few good apps have reigned supreme, helping people get a ride or even know what to pay for a taxi? Sounds nifty? You don't know the half of it! Here are the best transportation apps in the Netherlands.

The Best Transportation Apps in The Netherlands



Is it any surprise that Uber is on this list? It did set the groundwork for similar apps to follow suit. And even to this day, it continues to update and innovate to better cater to people's transportation needs. It's so simple—just open the app, type in your location, and wait for your ride. That's it! You even choose what type of car you use. Uber Black gives you the standard luxury cars the service has become known for. Uber Green, on the other hand, is arguably the best as it offers you a ride in eco-friendly vehicles to lessen the carbon footprint in the environment. 



Blacklane is exactly what it sounds. Tap on your phone and you get a sleek, dark-toned, black car right to your location. That's it! It can host up to five riders all at once and it will drive you to wherever it is you need to go. It may sound basic but the luxury part is not to be missed. Hey, it's not every day you get to ride such a vehicle, right? And it's a great change of pace from having to cycle your way throughout the Netherlands as well. Just know that once you book a ride here, you'll feel like a million bucks! 


The Best Transportation Apps in The Netherlands



Did you know you could actually book an entire shuttle? If you're with a big group and you just have to ride altogether, SuperShuttle is the online service you should go for. This is the only platform of its kind that will offer up an entire shuttle bus for your transportation needs. That and a luxury black car similar to those in Uber and Blacklane. The latter, of course, is for when you're on your own or have a limited amount of people with you. But if you're with a big group, a shuttle bus is definitely more size-appropriate, no matter where you're going! 



Let's face it, as great as Uber, Blacklane, and other apps are, at times, you can't afford to use them. It can't be helped! You're maybe strapped on cash or you're intent on saving your money for something special or whatnot. What is there to do now? Go on Talixo! This well-established transportation app in Europe gives you a choice between a luxury, business, or economy class car with corresponding price points. So when you're in a financial jam but you still need to get home, it will be very handy to have this app on your phone! 



Finally, a different kind of transportation app that won't exactly help you hail a ride, but it's still useful nonetheless. Let's say you just got off from work and you have limited cash with you now. You have to alot what little money you have now for your taxi going home. So how will you know how much to pay for? Use the TaxiFare Finder! Put in your route and it will calculate roughly the expense you'll have to make when taking a taxi from where you are now to where your place is. Nifty, right? 


The Best Transportation Apps in The Netherlands


Thanks to these amazing online platforms, getting a ride and paying for it in the Netherlands is a breeze. Who knew transportation in this day and age can actually be easy, comfortable, and even a bit relaxing at times? 

Thanks to these apps, you probably could save more money. If you did, it's time to invest in a luxurious Netherlands home as your new accommodation here! You deserve it more than you realize!