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Amsterdam's Best International Schools: Where to Enroll Your Kids

August 09, 2020
Amsterdam isn't exactly what you'd call a global city, is it? At least, not like Paris, New York, and London. Those cities are more known as diverse utopias of global communities. While Amsterdam? It's not exactly at the forefront in this category. However, there are still many people from different countries residing in and moving to the Dutch capital. And while it's not a certified global city right now, it's well on its way. Because of this, there are now many international schools in Amsterdam. All suitable for your kids if ever you move to Amsterdam. Here are the ones worth enrolling your children in.

Amsterdam's Best International Schools: Where to Enroll Your Kids


Amity International School Amsterdam

Though fairly new—it was just founded back in 2018—the Amity International School Amsterdam has become quite the respected institution in the Dutch capital. An English-speaking school with a strong emphasis on both Dutch and French languages, it keeps up its name as an international school that caters to international students. And it's their mission to mold these young minds from different parts of the world and to lead them to leave positive impacts wherever they venture off to. Despite its young status, the school has proven its devotion to giving high-quality education to its many students. 


Amsterdam International Community School

The clincher of the Amsterdam International Community School is already in the name, particularly the word 'community.' In this school, they've fostered a strong sense of community, embracing the differences that make it a diverse student body. They instill in their students an openness that allows them to get comfortable with different sorts of people (particularly those from around the world) and to go beyond what is expected of them. And with the government funding they receive, they're more than able to provide quality education that will help them seek out their true potential even when they graduate. 


Amsterdam's Best International Schools: Where to Enroll Your Kids


Amstelland International School

You can say that, above all things, the Amstelland International School in Amsterdam seeks to help children break out of their shells. To provoke them to think for themselves, be curious, and find out more about the world, and in turn, about themselves as well. This is the underlying mission of this international institution. That no matter what your nationality is or where you or your family came from, the more important thing is to keep moving forward. They hone young minds to think critically and to always be curious. And to let that curiosity allow them to lead them into better and bigger heights. 


The Japanese School of Amsterdam

Don't be fooled by the Japanese School of Japan. Although a lot of Japanese people go to school here, this place is open to all nationalities. Yet, even though they follow the strict Japanese curriculum here, they've fostered a fun and carefree environment that seeks to make learning a more enjoyable experience. One that students of all ages would look forward to rather than dread every single morning. The institution uplifts its students to embrace their strengths, believe in their abilities, and go for their own respective goals. So that when the time comes and they graduate and leave the place, they do so as more complete and prouder human beings. 


Amsterdam's Best International Schools: Where to Enroll Your Kids


The British School of Amsterdam

The British School of Amsterdam, on the other hand, has a rather opposite vibe. While they, too, have fostered a diverse community of people of different backgrounds and national origins, their approach to academics is a lot stricter and more traditional. Think of the old-school boarding schools in England, it's sort of like that only in Amsterdam. The strong and disciplined environment in this school is a nice and necessary contrast to Amsterdam's more relaxed general attitude. And through their British curriculum education, a lot of students who studied here have gone on to study in London's top universities


The International School of Amsterdam

Founded in 1964, it's one of the oldest, most well-respected, and definitely one of the most prestigious schools in all of Amsterdam. For years, it has opened the minds and hearts of its students to commit to international understanding and to embrace global diversity. Its international Baccalaureate programs have also captured the esteem of many international institutions, recognizing it as a foundation of quality education in the Dutch capital. With its strong name, many graduates have sought their higher education in the top universities in the world, the likes of which include Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale as well as Oxford and Cambridge


Amsterdam's Best International Schools: Where to Enroll Your Kids


Don't be fooled by Amsterdam's many charms, the international schools in this city are top-notch, well-respected, and are undeniably prestigious. They have and continue to produce esteemed graduates who will one day change the world! 

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