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What Are The Living Costs in Amsterdam?

August 06, 2020
What are your thoughts on living in Amsterdam? Do you think it's very much like that charming storybook-like life you've read about? Do you think it's as exciting and exotic as what you've heard some other people say? The truth of the matter is it is like what you make it in the Dutch capital. It can be charming or it can be exciting depending on how you live your life here. What doesn't change, however, are the living costs. And as this is a major European capital, there's a lot to learn about where to spend your hard-earned cash on!

What Are The Living Costs in Amsterdam?


Costs of Renting in Amsterdam

Firstly, how much do you have to set aside for your monthly rent here? For a one-bedroom apartment at the heart of the Dutch capital, it will cost you around €1,300.00 to €2,000.00. It's not that big a difference from those in the likes of Paris and Rome, but it's still a little cheaper. Meanwhile, a three-bedroom in the same area will cost around €2,300.00 to €3,500.00. As expected, it's more expensive. But for a place along the outskirts of the city, it's considerably more affordable. A one-bedroom will cost around €1,000.00 to €1,500.00 only while a three-bedroom is from €1,600.00 to €2,500.00. 


Costs of Buying Property in Amsterdam

Of course, actually buying property is another story entirely. It's going to cost you possibly hundreds of thousands of Euros to purchase a good place in the city, no matter which area it will be. Though the final price will still depend on which Amsterdam neighborhood you end up on, the range of prices remains the same. The price per square meter for a place near the city center is from €6,000.00 to €10,000.00. While the price per square meter for a place outside the city center is around €4,000.00 to €6,500.00. Total that to the number of square meters per apartment and it might blow your mind! 


What Are The Living Costs in Amsterdam?


Utilities Costs

Fortunately, your utilities costs aren't all that big. You'll rarely have to pay any cost higher than €300.00. In fact, the median price for the total of all your utilities bills is at €174.65. The normal prices range from €120.42 to €242.86. These take into account your electricity, heating, water, and even community garbage disposal. And what about your internet? How much will you have to pay for it monthly? Approximately €30.00 to €56.96, depending on the package you go for. Still, with less than €100.00 a month, you get to have unlimited internet access in your place! That's already quite a steal! 


Food Costs 

What's also an expense that you won't have to pay €100.00 for? Food! Yep! To fill your fridge and your cupboard here in Amsterdam, you won't need to spend too much money! It's one of the perks of living in one of the more well-off European cities. A trip to the grocery store will simply cost you a total median price of €96.48. And this takes to account a lot of things already! It includes a dozen eggs, a liter of milk, a 1.5-liter bottle of water, and a kilogram each of various fruits, vegetables, and meats. 


What Are The Living Costs in Amsterdam?


Dining Costs

While Amsterdam isn't exactly Paris or Rome in terms of a foodie capital, there are still a lot of great places to eat in the city. And some of them don't come cheap! With that said, however, you also don't have to shell out a lot of money on nights you'd rather eat out instead of cooking for yourself. A nice meal in an affordable restaurant, for instance, will only cost you around €10.00 to €25.00. While an actual three-course meal for two—hot date, anyone?—is only around €60.00 to €120.00. 


Transportation Costs

As for transportation, it can get pricey but it depends on where you spend your money. For instance, a monthly travel pass might cost you €97.00 but at least you can get unlimited access to various public transport systems in the city! And if you don't get one for yourself, not only will you have to wait in line at the ticket booth, but you'll also have to spend around €2.90 to €3.70 regularly. Those are already the cheaper options! The more expensive options are, of course, to invest in your own car here. This steep price ranges from €24,645.00 to €33,874.00, depending on what model you go for! 


What Are The Living Costs in Amsterdam?


Leisure Costs

What if you just want to work on yourself? You know, Have a little "me" time! Will that cost you a pretty penny? Well, not exactly! For instance, getting a monthly membership in a nice gym or fitness club will only cost you around €20.00 to €65.00 max! That is if you stay within the range of the more affordable gyms in the city. If you go for the high-class ones, no doubt they'll cost you double or perhaps even triple! Meanwhile, a movie ticket in Amsterdam only costs around €11.00 to €15.00. Add in some popcorn, candy, and other refreshments and you'll have the best time for less than €50.00. 


Clothing Costs

Should it really surprise you that clothing in Amsterdam isn't all that expensive? The city was never into fashion anyways. It's not like Paris or Milan where there's almost an unwritten rule that you have to dress fashionably. Here in Amsterdam, comfort takes center stage. But that also doesn't mean you can't buy something nice for yourself without breaking the bank. If you want to invest in a piece from a famous contemporary brand, you'll only have to shell out at least €20.00 to €60.00. Want the newest kicks from the coolest sportswear labels? Get ready to pay around €65.00 to €120.00! 


Childcare & Education Costs

When you build a family in Amsterdam, now you gotta worry about your kids' education. At least, in the early years, they're not much of a headache. Enrolling your little one in a private or international pre-school or kindergarten can cost as low as €800.00 and can go as high as €2,100.00 a month. It's when they need to go to primary school where you should start saving. Because a term in a private/international school can cost around €8,000.00 to €23,000.00. And college? Possibly double or triple that! Just goes to show to really have to save up for your family's future! 


What Are The Living Costs in Amsterdam?


Compared to other major European capitals, Amsterdam actually has one of the lower living costs. But don't think that just because things are more affordable here that the quality of life is also as low! Nope! Amsterdam is as high-quality a city as any other! 

What's also high-quality are the many great Amsterdam luxury rentals you can find here! They're the ones you have to invest in for a great life in the Dutch capital!





1 bedroom1 bathroom1

Amsterdam - robin apartment

119 €per night
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Amstelveen corneille

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1 bedroom1 bathroom4

Amsterdam - apartment ellen

136 €per night
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Amsterdam - apartment amstel view

139 €per night