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The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

June 26, 2020
When you think of exercising in Amsterdam, you probably just think of riding bikes through the cobblestone streets or jogging along the canal. It's quite hard to think that the Dutch capital can be filled with fitness freaks, but you'll be surprised. There's actually a good number of gyms here. Many of them are perfect if you want your fitness regime to include more than just cycling and running. In fact, these notable fitness centers have certainly kept a lot of locals fit and trim. They've become quite popular over the years and continue to attract new customers to this day.

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam


Crossfit Flames

More often than not, gyms can be quite intimidating. Even when you're just there to keep healthy, with all the pumping, squatting, and at times, even screaming, going on around you, it's hard to focus. And if there are a lot of fitter people exercising nearby, you'll also feel self-conscious! Well, not at CrossFit Flames. The gym offers up a welcoming space with a family-friendly vibe. Though they'll burn you out and tire you until your legs feel like jelly, at least they do it in a way that you'll feel well-taken-care-of. At the end of the day, you're doing this for you! 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: CrossFit Flames


Fysio Buitenveldert

No one can deny that Amsterdam is a cold city. One of the reasons cycling is so popular here is because the cool breezes feel so nice brushing up against your face when you do it. But other than that, you'll mostly want to spend time indoors, especially during the autumn and winter seasons. But there is one place that's decidedly warm and you can get in a great workout too: Fysio Buitenveldert! With a room temperature that's up to 40 degrees, this hot and heavy gym is all about letting you sweat it all out. It's the perfect place to do Bikram yoga, pilates, and more! 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: Fysio Buitenveldert



If you want a little luxury—well, okay, a lot of luxury—look no further than Gustav. This is the type of premium fitness center where it's practically equal parts a standard gym and equal parts a mini spa of sorts. Notably, it has some of the finest equipment by Technogym, one of the leading fitness companies in the world. If you want to use state-of-the-art exercise machines, they have it all here! And when you're done, you can relax in their first-class sauna and wash off in their spacious shower area. Exercise won't just feel like a habit here. It will feel like a privilege! 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: Gustav Facebook Page


High Studios

As far as fun gyms go, High Studios has every other option beat! It doesn't even feel like your run-of-the-mill gym here. The place feels and looks more like a swanky nightclub. This is especially during Fridays, where an in-house or invited DJ blasts amazing music throughout the vicinity as you get your adrenaline pumping. The tunes won't just help you enjoy exercising, but it will also help you face the grueling workouts that this gym provides. With their hyperactive sessions, you'll touch on every single muscle in your body.

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: High Studios


Shape All In

If you want a gym that offers up exercises that are as diverse as the city's neighborhoods, go to Shape All In. The clincher is already in the name as this place will really mold you into the shape and figure that you want for yourself. One of their more popular classes is their yoga sessions, with your choice of the more standard relaxing version or a HIIT variety that will really pump you up. Their spin classes are also great, especially with their reliably good playlists to help you get in the mood. 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: Shape All In



Somehow you didn't think that Amsterdam is a great place for swimming, did you? As mentioned earlier, the Dutch capital can get very cold at times. But if your fitness regimen has you swimming stroked left and right, you should have the perfect avenue for such. That's why there's Swimgym. Its Olympic-sized pools and smaller iterations are perfect for any swimmer out there, whether pro or not. And don't worry, the place itself is warmed up. So even when it's autumn or winter in the Netherlands, you can still swim to your heart's content without freezing over. 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: Swimgym



Where in Amsterdam can you exercise for hours while you listen to Techno beats or the latest hip-hop singles? Rocycle! The spin-classes here are almost like partying in the club. The best tunes to pump up your energy are blasted throughout their vicinity, allowing you to keep it going and push you to your limits. For every hour session you cycle, you'll burn a lot more calories than you might expect. And when you're done and you want a refresher, their amazing smoothie bar will serve you up some zesty drinks! There's no gym quite like it anywhere else in the city! 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: Rocycle Facebook Page



Arguably, Amsterdam's Vondelgym is the more "complete" fitness center as compared to the rest. While other gyms focus on specific exercises or offer up classes for such, this one allows you to go wild and try them all. If you want to do CrossFit, they have the space and the equipment for you to get going. Up for some yoga? Their peaceful studios are the perfect venues for such! And if you want to let it all out, you can always go for boxing to keep your fists swinging. No matter your method of keeping fit, you can do it here and more! 

The Top Gyms/Training Centers in Amsterdam

Source: Vondelgym


You didn't think Amsterdam was a city fit for the fitness lifestyle, did you? Well, it is! All these amazing gyms stand proof of that! There's more to exercising here than just cycling your way through this picturesque city!


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