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Rome’s Living Costs: What You Need to Know

July 28, 2020
It's no secret that Rome is a dream destination for a lot of reasons. From its vast history and stunning beauty to the bustling culture and 'La Dolce Vita' lifestyle, practically anyone would kill to get to live here. To get to welcome the sun along with the tolls of the bells at St. Peter's Square. To get to savor authentic Italian dishes, each richer than the next. To get see the most amazing sites over and over again, while many others around the world only get to visit them every now and again. Living here is great, however, it doesn't come cheap!

Rome’s Living Costs: What You Need to Know


Costs of Renting in Rome

Renting in Rome alone will already cost you thousands of Euros. For starters, the monthly rental fee of a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Rome is from €750.00 to €1,200.00. The median price is €930.71 and you'd already be lucky to get a deal that good! Meanwhile, for a three-bedroom flat in the same location, the price range goes from €1,300.00 to €3,000.00. With such prices, you'd think apartments along the outskirts of the Italian capital would cost much lower, but they don't. The price range for such places is from €500.00 to €1,600.00, depending on if its a one or three-bedroom. 


Costs of Buying Property in Rome

As expected, buying a property in Rome is a lot more expensive. It's prime real estate! Would you expect anything less from not only the capital city of Italy but one of the most visited tourist havens in the world? Practically hundreds of thousands of people have already moved to Rome for work, and millions more visit it every year. Of course buying property here—which owners can rent for visitors and tourists alike—will be costly. The price per square meter for an apartment in the more urban parts of Rome ranges from €4,500.00 to €10,000.00. For an apartment outside the city center, it's from €2,500.00 to €4,000.00.


Rome’s Living Costs: What You Need to Know


Utilities Costs

The silver lining about all of that is, once you've paid the heavy prices for renting/buying a property in Rome, all the other expenses would comparatively seem lower. Your utilities bills in the city, for instance, cost a total of less than €300.00 overall. Your monthly basic expenses, such as electricity, water, heating, and garbage disposal bills, have a median price of €168.58 per month. The most expensive of such is at €250.00. Meanwhile, paying for WiFi in your home here would only cost around €25.00 to €35.00. Not bad, right?  


Food Costs

If you think your monthly utilities bills aren't bad, wait until you check out your food expenses. Rome is one of the most famous food capitals in the world, yes, but that only practically applies to finished dishes made by the best chefs in the city. For raw ingredients and other grocery items, you don't have to pay as much money. In fact, the total median price for a trip to the grocery will only cost you about €51.23! Yes, it's that cheap to go grocery shopping in Rome. That is if you stick to the middle-class standard stores and supermarkets! 


Rome’s Living Costs: What You Need to Know


Dining Costs

Speaking of dining, although it tends to be pricey here, you don't have to shell out tons of money if you go to inexpensive restaurants. And since you're in Rome, expect the dishes here to be just as rich, high-quality, and deliciously authentic. According to Numbeo.com, a mean in an inexpensive restaurant will only cost you around €9.00 to €20.00. A three-course meal for two in a mid-range place will have a median price of €60.00, the most expensive being €80.00. Again, considering that all of these are in Rome, those are pretty good prices! 


Transportation Costs

Traveling around the city isn't as expensive as well. Riding any of the city's public transport systems will hardly ever reach the  €100.00 for your expenses. You just have to be smart about it. For example, instead of using a taxi—which actually can get expensive depending on where your destination is and if there's a traffic jam in Rome— buy a monthly pass that only costs up to €39.00. It will give you unlimited access to various modes of transportation and it will save you a lot of travel time too. But if you want to buy a car in Rome, expect to shell out €20,000.00 to €27,000.00! 


Rome’s Living Costs: What You Need to Know


Clothing Costs

Should it really surprise you that clothes are expensive in Rome? The city is, after all, a famous capital of fashion. Back in the day, it used to overshadow Milan as the go-to fashion capital of Italy. Today, it remains one of the more glamorous cities in the world as well as a haven for luxury brands and the like. And even if you're not spending thousands of Euros on famous labels or paying more than you bargained for in Rome's designer outlet stores, you'll still be spending hundreds on various pieces. That's just the way it goes when shopping in Rome! 


Leisure Costs

At least, leisure costs aren't as expensive. In fact, paying for membership in a mid-range Roman gym or fitness club will only cost you a maximum of €90.00. Going for more first-class or luxury gyms, however, will expectedly cost a lot more. Furthermore, renting a space to play all sorts of sports such as tennis, racquetball, basketball, and the like will cost you a maximum of €30.00 per hour. As for the movies? Ticket prices here in Rome range from €8.00 to €12.00. For less than €30.00 you can watch your latest favorite movie in the theater twice! 


Childcare and Education Costs

How about your child's education? How much will that cost you? To simply put it, a lot! Rome is a great place to study, whether you're studying to learn Italian or going to culinary school, the city is home to a good number of prominent institutions. Most of which don't come cheap! For your little one, enrolling him/her in a private/international pre-school will cost you around €350.00 to €658.33 per term. While once he/she grows up, the same range in primary school will cost about €6,000.00 to €17,000.00 per term. No one ever said investing in your child's future would be cheap! 


Rome’s Living Costs: What You Need to Know


It shouldn't surprise you that living in Rome would be quite an expensive endeavor. It's the city of the "La Dolce Vita" lifestyle after all. Getting to stay in one of the most desirable destinations in the world for the rest of your life will be costly! 

Now, if you really want to get into the "La Dolce Vita" lifestyle, it's best if you go for a Roman luxury apartment as your next home here! No other type of place would suit you better!





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