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Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools

June 09, 2021
Is there any better place to learn Italian than at the 'Eternal City?' Where else should you learn the language of such a beautiful country than at its capital? Here, you won't just learn to speak it, you'll practically live it. Rome is, no doubt, the cultural haven of Italy. It treasures its history, safeguards its traditions, and introduces the beauty of the country to many people from different countries. It's almost as if you can't say you've been to Italy without having gone to Rome, ever! And if you want to learn Italian, the capital has a lot of great schools for that!

Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools


Accademia Studioitalia

Since 1985, the Academia Studioitalia has taught foreigners and locals alike of the beautiful Italian language. From conversational Italian to the more formal type of the language fit for official business settings, the school will teach you all of what you need to know. And one of the best parts is that you don't have to look very far to find it. The school is set along Via Cola di Rienzo, which is just a hop and a skip away from St. Peter's Basilica. 



Divulgazione Lingua Italiana, or 'Dilit,' started a different approach to teaching Italian to students back when they first opened up in 1974. The school was the first of its kind to treat (and inevitably teach) Italian like a foreign language, even when they had Italian-born students. This approach helped them dissect the language better so that their students will understand it more clearly and speak it more effortlessly. And it's this unique standard that has made the school so revered throughout the years. 


Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools


CIAO Italia

You won't just be saying "ciao" when you enroll at CIAO Italia. In fact, you might even end up becoming fluent in Italian after a couple of courses. That's how effective the school has been in teaching students the language ever since they started back in 1996. This is the kind of school where "you get what you pay for," in it that the price for admission depends on the type of course you take. All in all, however, each course retains the same high-quality. 



Officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Italiaidea has undoubtedly become one of the country's foremost schools in teaching Italian. Their openness to teaching all sorts of students from around the world has contributed greatly to both their popularity and prestige. Unlike many schools of their kind—and many institutions in general—Italiaidea does not have an age limit for their students. Whether you're a young professional starting up a new career here or you just moved to Italy to celebrate your retirement, you can still learn the language in this school! 


Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools


Italian School of Rome

With its prime location right by the city center, one of Rome's liveliest districts, the Italian School of Rome teaches students within the heart of the city. And this, in turn, can really help them digest and absorb the language better. Though they hold their sessions in beautiful air-conditioned classrooms, its great location allows students to hear and understand the language more once they step outside of campus. In fact, they're even encouraged to practice their Italian within the many hotspots that surround the school. 


Kappa Language School

The Kappa Language School may be an international institution, but that doesn't make them any less qualified to teach Italian than the locally established schools on this list. In fact, it's their reputation of being one of the most respectable language schools in the world that should convince you to check them out. The Kappa Language School is famous for having complete dedication to their students. They tailor their curriculum towards their needs, prepare them for all sorts of language exams and whatnot, and more. 


Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools


New York School

Don't be fooled by the name, Rome's New York School is neither in the "Big Apple" nor does it prioritize English. Even though it's more known as an English school for locals, you can still learn Italian here and end up being fluent at it. Why? Because their method of teaching requires continuous use. It's not just a matter of a teacher writing the language on the board or in a book. They will actually speak to you in the language and you're assisted to keep up. 


Scuola Dante Alighieri

A school named after one of Italy's most influential and most notable poets deserves your attention, right? And it's no surprise that it's located in the medieval area of Recanati. This is Scuola Dante Alighieri, one of Rome's finest educational institutions. Though don't worry, the Italian here won't be as deep nor as flowery as what the poet probably spoke when he was alive centuries ago. What they teach is a better understanding of the language, both for personal and professional use. 


Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools


Scuola Leonardo

Not to be overlooked, there's also another language school named after the country's most famous artist and historic figure, Leonardo Da Vinci. Scuola Leonardo is, very much, true to form on its namesake. Just like Da Vinci, the school specialized in various areas of Italian culture, not the least of which is language. In fact, when they teach art, cooking, and more of Italian culture, you'll better understand the language when you incorporate it on them.


Torre di Babele

Don't worry, Torre di Babele, or the "Tower of Babel," doesn't necessarily refer to the biblical tower that led to the different languages of the world. Don't be scared to go to the Vatican after having a few classes here! What Torre di Babele is, at least in Rome, is a language school that's part of the Tandem international association of language schools. Set in the beautiful Art Nouveau neighborhood, they teach the language and the culture for you to better understand and speak it in the long run. 


Rome's Best Italian-Language Schools


Rome is, above all things, the capital of Italy. It's arguably the best place to learn the language, perhaps even with the history and culture of the country too. Either way, the many fine institutions across the capital will teach you well! 


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