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How to Get a Job in France

July 14, 2021
Ever wondered what's harder to do in Paris: finding a job or finding a soulmate? Well, it's finding a soulmate! Why? Because finding a job is entirely doable and it's very much within your control. While you can't force someone to fall in love with you, there are many ways in which you can convince companies and businesses to hire you. It's all about looking for work that best suits you, putting your best foot forward, and a little luck wouldn't hurt. And it's like that throughout the rest of France too.

How to Get a Job in France


Networking is a Good Start

Of course, the first step is to actually look for a job to apply to. One of the best ways to do so is to network and you can do this even without actively looking for work. If you go to meet-ups in Paris, for instance, you might meet people that are working in your industry of choice. They might even know some openings that will either interest you or you're the perfect fit for. Or simply make friends in the city and the best places for such are in the popular gyms, swanky restaurants, and more. 


Look Out for Agencies

Employment agencies are always a good idea as well. The great thing about them is that they will actively find jobs that are best suited for your skills, abilities, and interests and they're professionals at it. Want to work for a magazine, for instance? They'll search high and low for one that not only will tickle your fancy but will have a position that fits all your qualifications and might even be near your place! And with their recommendation, you might be prioritized by the said company as well! Some notable agencies include APEC, France Emploi, and Pôle Emploi, among many others. 


How to Get a Job in France


Go on Job-Hunting Sites

Not up to go for an employment agency? That's fine! At least there are still the many job-hunting sites as well. The likes of LinkedIn, Indeed, and more post various job openings every day covering a vast array of industries and areas. If you've registered in any of such platforms, your page will work as your online CV and, along with your actual digital CV, you can easily apply. More often than not, the employers and HR who post on these types of sites reply regularly and will get back to you as soon as you submit your application. 


Knowing French is a Plus

Now it's time to discuss your aces. Or rather qualities that you have that may benefit your job application. For one thing, since you're in France, it's a huge plus if you know how to speak French. Even when it's just the basics, the fact that you can speak a little of the native language can benefit you greatly. However, you should note that knowing how to speak French isn't exactly a prerequisite to working in France, most especially in internationally-run companies in Paris. Still, there are a few language schools in Paris alone that you can go to so you can learn French, even for a little bit. 


How to Get a Job in France


What to Put on Your CV

Making a French-style CV is more unique than what you probably may know, Overall, the standard part remains the same: your name and contact details, your skills and professional attributes, your work experience, your education, and the like. But in a French-style CV, they have some parts that you might not find in other CVs from other parts of the world. For example, 'projet professionnel' is a short summarizing paragraph that many French employers might expect to find on your CV. And the 'centres d’intérêt," on the other hand, is al about hobbies and interests that can boost your CV even more. 


Present Your Best Self

This probably goes without saying but when it's time for your job interview present your best self. Personify the role they're trying to find in order to get the position they've left open. And this, more often than not, boils down to what you wear. France may be known for having a laid-back lifestyle but you still need to look and act professionally in your (possible) place of work. For men, tailored suits are the way to go while shift dresses or white shirts with pencil skirts will work for women. Fortunately, a lot of such pieces are French style staples so you'll find them in any store in the country! 


Remain Humble

Showing humility during your job interview will get you far. Not just being hired, but also being considered for better positions in the company when the opportunity arises. As much as you can, answer all the questions truthfully and honestly, don't show your annoyance even if you are, look sharp, and consider the time spend on you by the interviewer. Do you know the stereotype that the Frenc can be snooty? Well, that can apply to many HR personnel in French companies too. So if you don't show humility while you're being interviewed, you can kiss that job goodbye! 


How to Get a Job in France


Though it may not seem like it, getting a job in France is a piece of cake as long as you applied for the right job, you presented your best self, and you remained humble throughout the application process. Doing so will give you better chances of getting hired! 


But before you can even apply for a job, make sure you're staying at a nice accommodation first! The many luxury apartments in France are the best places to suit your upcoming career, whatever that may be! 



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