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Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

May 18, 2020
When you've already managed to find a corporate job in LA, that probably means you're a bigshot! Securing a great position in a cutthroat city like this isn't easy. What more if that job is in big business? But of course, people from the outside of LA won't know that. For a lot of your overseas clients—or even just clients from other states—you're just another business person trying to schmooze them into doing business with you. And lucky for you, you're in Los Angeles, where there are a lot of great places you can take them out on a business lunch to seal the deal!

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots



A great place to start is 71Above! Perched right at the 71st floor of the US Bank Tower, this hotspot gives you amazing views of the city, many of which are as iconic as the films made here! Your client probably flew thousands of miles to get here, shouldn't be a good host and show them what's so worthwhile about the city? The beautiful sceneries they'll see alone will likely already impress them, what more the sumptuous three-course meal that's served here? Now that's a real clincher! Don't worry about paying for lunch, you would have earned it all back anyways! 

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

Source: 71Above



For your foreign clients who've traveled overseas just to meet you and do business with you, there's probably one thing they'd love to eat more than anything else: a good old-fashion steak! It's practically an American culinary hallmark! And in LA, one of the best places to get one is at APL. An upscale steakhouse, it has the trendy vibe of the West coast but still upholding a sense of sophistication. Having become a nightlife hotspot in recent years, it's better to go here for lunch if you also want to talk business. 

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

Source: APL Restaurant Instagram Page



No one does Italian food quite like the Americans. And you can prove this to your clients by taking them to Craft. With its sleek interior and true-blue Hollywood appeal, this is an upscale Italian restaurant that's nestled in the heart of LA. A lot of prominent business people have practically made this their go-to lunch spot! Their rich pasta and flavorful pizzas here are truly superb, well worth the hearty price tag you're sure to get. They'll even give you some free baked goods after your meal too, a nice souvenir that your clients will likely appreciate and find charming. 

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

Source: Craft Los Angeles



Remember that when taking a business lunch, business almost always comes first. In fact, there might be clients who could care less about what you eat, so as long as they achieve their objective of flying all the way to your city. And if you think your client is such a business-person, take them to Majordomo. A lot for what they serve here are for sharing, relieving you and your client the pressure of having to finish a whole plate of food. You can talk away concerning all important matters while chomping down on their easy-to-eat but still delicious dishes! 

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

Source: Majordomo Facebook Page/ Molly Matalon



LA is all about big money. Hollywood, Beverly Hills—these are all of what your clients probably know the most about this West coast city. So if you think they'll have high expectations, don't just meet them, shatter them! Take them to one of the most exclusive and undeniably luxurious hotspots in town: Providence. Serving up some fine fresh seafood dishes, it's all about the expensive taste here. Taking them to this place is considered a power move: one that shows clients that you mean big business and that you seek to earn big money. 

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

Source: Providence Facebook Page


Wally’s Beverly Hills

What if you're taking your clients out on a late lunch? Your meeting ended later than expected and yet you still have to choose them over with a nice meal. What do you do? Where do you take them? Well, why not give them a nice glass of wine at Wally's Beverly Hills. Not only will you have the advantage of taking them to the most luxurious neighborhood in the city, but you're also giving them a selection of some of the finest reds and whites on the West coast. Add to that their scrumptious Mediterranean menu that will just tantalize their taste bus even more! 

Take Your Business Clients Out for Lunch in These LA Hotspots

Source: Wally’s Beverly Hills


You're already in LA, that in of itself is impressive. But if you really want to seal the deal with your overseas client, take them to some of the finest establishments in "Tinsel Town." The city does have a lot to live up to with its luxurious reputation. Make sure they're met on your business lunch!





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