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Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces

June 02, 2020
Los Angeles may seem like an 'all-work-no-play' kind of city but it's far from it. People actually work here, despite what tabloid magazines, movies, and TV shows will tell you. They just seem to enjoy it here better than others. And why not? The city is a beautiful place, packed with lots of sunshine and warm breezes. It's easy to think that it's just a summer getaway. But for many of the locals and frequent visitors here, it's as bustling a city as any other in the country. In fact, some of their top co-working spaces are often their busiest hotspots.

Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces



With offices set up in El Segundo, Marina Del Rey, and in Downtown LA, it's no wonder BizHause co-working has become a popular yuppie hotspot. It's the sort of West Coast-style hang-out that looks more like a university common room than an open office full of easer career men and women. And you can thank the post-modern decor for that. not to mention that this place cultivates a social atmosphere, one that encourages networking among peers and colleagues of the same or even different industries. Attend one of their "Thirsty Thursday" soirees and you'll understand what this place is all about. 


Cross Campus

CrossCampus has about five locations throughout California but this isn't exactly the reason why it's become a popular co-working space. You can thank its great facilities and special amenities for that. CrossCampus has practically everything you need in an open office and then some. Strong Wifi, numerous outlets, enough desks and tables for you and your team, private meeting rooms, and more. It's also one of the very few co-working spaces on this list that provide medical services. In a place where many professionals—some possibly very competitive—work in, you can never tell what may happen here. At least this place is prepared for any situation. 


Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces



Working in DropDesk doesn't actually start the moment you go into the establishment. You can begin way before that. This company, which has a good number of offices set up throughout the country, actually has an app that can tell you more about the branch in your area. And if you've decided to work here, just book a space and you're all set. How's that for nifty? A good plus in its West Hollywood hotspot is that this place is one of the more sophisticated of their offices. It's set up almost like a swanky Beverly Hills townhouse than your standard co-working space.  


LAX Coworking

If you think LAX is only just about the city's famous international airport, think again! there's also actually an LAX Coworking space. Set along S. Sepulveda Blvd, comfort and tradition are their main aces. Think private desks with cushioned eats to have you working for hours without needing to stand up. Spacious conference rooms where you can better collaborate with your team without disturbing anybody. They even have their own events space for you to use if you finally want to launch your own product, introduce a new app, and more. 


Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces


NeueHouse Hollywood

NeueHouse Hollywood is as swanky as it sounds. The company itself has had offices set up in cities such as New York and London. Their Hollywood branch, set in the old CBS Radio Building, is seven floors of elegant co-working space. It's a particularly popular office for creative professionals, with artists and companies from media, fashion, interior design, and film industries often working here.  The place does have the amenities they need in order to get the job done. Spacious studios for them to make their projects, elegant rooms for their own events, and more! 



Sometimes, simplicity is all you need in a co-working space. Well, look no further than Opodz over at Little Tokyo. One of the first open offices of its kind in the city, the place has long serve freelancers and independent professionals. Though the years, they've also expanded their business (literally) to cater to startup teams as well. What's so fascinating about Opodz is that it remains a traditional co-working space where people can just work in peace and enjoy the serenity of the place. There is, however, their occasional karaoke parties which is a must-attend for any patron of the company! 


Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces


Paper Dolls

As with any other major city, LA also has its own all-women co-working space. Here, it's Paper Dolls. As you would expect from such an office, it's a clean and crisp space where women can easily get to work. They don't have manspreading male executives and businessmen to fight for the desks, tables, and outlets. Careerwomen can also host their own events here, be it laughing their new product lines, apps, or even simply networking with fellow businesswomen. It's all about the girl-boss attitude here where women need not be afraid tot ake over the world! 



Here at Procolo in Culver City, LA, you won't just have your own desk, cubicle, or private office space. You'll have an entire apartment. Some have even argued that the lofts here are better than where they actually stay in the "City of Angels." Here, you can reserve an entire loft complete with your own bathroom and kitchen. It doesn't have a bedroom though as you're encouraged to work here. Still, you and your team will have your own personal space here, better to collaborate together in. Imagine what you can finish here without ever disturbing other people. 


Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces


The Muse Rooms

Upon entering The Muse Room, a popular co-working space along Vineland Avenue, you might find it a weird-looking space. With its baroque decor, quilted furniture, and bright color scheme, this looks more like a funhouse than a place to work in. But when you've adjusted here for a couple of hours—or even minutes—you'll find that, despite its quirky aesthetic, it's actually a standard open office. It's one where you can be at peace finishing your job. When you get past the decorations, it'll be easier for you to relax, stay focused on your work, and complete the task before sunset. 


The Park

You've probably been to The Park along S. Los Angeles street when you attended a launch party for a new fashion line. Or when a designer showcased his/her new collection in a mini-presentation. Yep, this is what this co-working space is all about. Though it welcomes any workers from different industries, it was set up primarily to cater to the fashion industry. In a city as stylish as LA, the fashion folk here will need as much space as they can get. With tools both for crafting designs and digital means, any fashion business can and will grow here. 


Los Angeles' Top Co-Working Spaces


Don't mistake Los Angeles as another West Coast party city. The many co-working spaces that cater to all sorts of industries will prove that the people who live or frequently visit here are hardworking career men and women. They just don't work in your standard office setting. 

They do, however, probably stay at the many LA luxury apartments in the city. And if you're staying here for work, you're going to need to know about them so you'll be accommodated nicely while you're here!





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