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Where to Go For The Best Co-Working Spaces in Budapest

June 04, 2020
Admit it, Budapest isn't exactly a city you'd automatically think of when it comes to working. New York London, Paris, and more will likely enter your mind first. Though this is understandable, it's weird how underrated the Hungarian capital is when it comes to business. Sure, it's not exactly a hub for the corporate world, but there are still many businesses here that are worth looking into. And the city, as a whole, welcomes professionals of all kinds. Just take a look at the many co-working spaces here! If you're a freelancer or independent professional visiting Budapest, you won't find a scarcity of places to work in!

Where to Go For The Best Co-Working Spaces in Budapest



Wouldn't you just love to work and save the planet at the same time? And actually, doing so will increase your productivity as well. At least, when you work at Eco-office in Budapest. A plethora of plants await syou and your busy mind when you're in need of a retreat from the outside world for just a couple of hours of work. Here, you won't just be surrounded by like-minded individuals and other professionals. You'll be surrounded by lush greeneries and beautiful shrubberies. The fresh air that will emanate from them will give you the energy you need to finish the job without any trouble at all! 


Impact Hub

Yep, Budapest has it sown Impact Hub office. And similarly to the ones in other countries, this is yet another perfect place to work in. Of course, there are numerous facilities that make working here easy and effortless—great wifi connection, ample space for team meetings, state-of-the-art technology, and more. It's the combination of a hip open office with the seriousness of work that makes this hotspot suitable for any professional who just wishes to work in peace. Who knows? The next big CEO or the next industry behemoth might just come from within the four walls of this famous space. 


Where to Go For The Best Co-Working Spaces in Budapest



Everything you need in a co-working space, you'll find at Kaptar. It's no wonder it's become the most popular company of its kind in Budapest. Perhaps even in the country as a whole. Think open desks that can hold everything you brought from your laptop and charger to important documents and other office supplies. Private rooms for you and your team to work in and discuss the next steps you'll take for your business to soar. And, of course, delicious coffee that you can serve yourself. Add to that a nifty dishwashing area so you can keep everything clean for the people around you. 



In Budapest's District 7, there's a co-working space that is so quiet, it's almost deafening. Well, the last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but still, this place is where you'd want to be when you need to work in peace all by yourself. It's Komodor. With its corners attached with acoustic pads, the outside world will feel like a good distance away when you work here. And if you need to go to a conference call, they have social rooms for that too. Ultimately, with such dedication to silence, it cultivates in you more respect for the people around you. 


Where to Go For The Best Co-Working Spaces in Budapest



If there's one word to best describe Budapest's Kubik co-working space, it's convenient. Firstly, the location alone is already convenient. Set in the middle of a central district, it's easy to go by train. a hop and a skip away from the train station and you'll be there in no time. Furthermore, the place's multiple types of passes enable you to use their facilities for as long or as short as you need to. Unlike many other places of its kind, Kubik allows you to reserve a desk or office for just a couple of hours, or a few days, or a month, or even an entire year! 



Loffice is a great co-working space in Budapest that has a beautiful interior, the latest technology, ample space for all sorts of work, and more. But it's not these elements that make this place quite the professional hotspot. It's the company's dedication to cultivating a haven and a community for professionals to enjoy working and spending time at their place. From really listening to people's feedback and implementing their suggestions to ensuring that people's belongings don't get lost, stolen, or are returned to them, you have to give it to this place. They sure know how to treat their customers like royalty! 


Where to Go For The Best Co-Working Spaces in Budapest



Imagine working in a grand Hungarian manor, complete with gilded chandeliers, opulent staircases, and a beautiful view of the city. Sounds too good to be true? Well, not at Muse. Located next to the Margaret Island bridge, this co-working space is unlike any other on this list. It actually upholds a classic ambiance, which is a beautiful contrast to the likely modern business that people here work on. No other place can get you to work under a lighted chandelier, or sit on vintage-style quilted furniture. Interestingly enough, it bears many similarities to the Los Angeles co-working space, The Muse Rooms


Urban Lobby

If it's space that you're after, look no further than Urban Lobby. More than just your average co-working space, it's also a luxurious lounge and luggage storage. This is the sort of space that you'd likely go to immediately after landing in the city while you're waiting for your check-in time at your hotel room. With ample sofas, tables, and private offices, you can easily get a lot of work done during the first few hours of your stay here. And, at the same time, you'll ensure that your belongings are safe and secure in their many lockers! 


Where to Go For The Best Co-Working Spaces in Budapest


Slowly but surely, Budapest is on its way to becoming quite the business hub in Europe. And what will help with that are the many fine co-working spaces throughout the city, offering spaces for professionals to get work done!

If you're visiting Budapest for work, it's not enough you know where to work. You should also know where to stay! Budapest's most luxurious apartments are ready to accommodate you during your stay here! And you won't regret booking them!





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