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Why You Should Consider Living in The Paris Suburbs

January 06, 2024
Living in Paris will always be a challenge. It's one of the biggest cities in the world, a diverse metropolis with years of history & heritage behind it. Not to mention a major business hub where some of the world's biggest conglomerates operate. With millions in its population, staying in the French capital is truly no easy feat. Perhaps that's why many are going to the Paris Suburbs instead. After all, these largely residential districts are a lot more peaceful but still lively, have their exciting hotspots, and are perfect for raising a family. What more could you ask for?

Why You Should Consider Living in The Paris Suburbs

The Suburbs are Still Fairly Urban

You probably moved to Paris because you like the city's hustle and bustle, don't you? The French capital has always been a lively place where creativity flourishes in every corner and freedom reigns supreme. Anyone willing to relocate to Paris is likely looking forward to such energy, but are the Paris Suburbs the right place? Shouldn't you stay in any of the arrondissements for that? Well, not necessarily! The Paris Suburbs are still lively in their own right. Though they're not as hectic as the central districts, it's still filled to the brim with cool cafes, chic boutiques, hip bars, fancy restaurants, and more.

Embrace The Charming Village Vibes

When looking at the various neighborhoods of Paris, the Paris Suburbs, as a whole, stand out as a bit of an anomaly. As already mentioned, these are urban districts that still exude the lively energy of the French capital. They may not be as busy as the 20 arrondissements, but they're not so quiet and boring either. At the same time, however, various parts of the Paris Suburbs evoke a village-like appeal. Garches and Vaucresson in St. Cloud are good examples, as are Le Vésinet, Chambourcy, and Croissy sur Seine. They're not exactly the French countryside, per se, but they show off a rural-like charm that's unmistakably idyllic.

Why You Should Consider Living in The Paris Suburbs

Quieter Than The Arrondissements

The 20 arrondissements of Paris are its central districts. They're the heart and soul of the French capital, dominated by the famous neighborhoods that even tourists know about. These places are fun, exciting, and there's always something new to expect at every turn. Living in such places sounds great, sure, but it can get tiring. Their liveliness comes with a lot of noise and rowdiness, which in turn can lead to a whole lot of stress. And while it's not exactly accurate to say that you won't get these in the Paris Suburbs, it's still worth noting that these outer areas are a lot quieter than the arrondissements. You're more guaranteed a peaceful life in the suburbs than in the city center!

A Lot Safer Than The City Center

The cold, harsh truth about Paris is that it's far from the safest city in the world. Is it a dangerous place? Some would argue it is, but the general consensus is that's not. Nevertheless, the crime rates in Paris are high. Its general crime rate is currently at 61.87% and its rate of increasing crimes is at 72.86%. These numbers don't bode well for Paris as a whole, but the silver lining here is that the city has a lot more safe neighborhoods than dangerous areas. And as you'd expect, a good many of them are in the Paris Suburbs, the quieter outskirts of the French capital.

Why You Should Consider Living in The Paris Suburbs

Great Public Transport

If your major concern about settling down in the Paris Suburbs is that you work/go to school in the central districts, there's no need to worry. These areas have efficient public transport. You probably don't realize that many of those who work in the bustling French capital live in the Paris Suburbs too. They take the train back and forth every day and it's not more stressful than taking the Paris Métro to go from one arrondissement to another. Though you are better off driving your own car if you live in the Paris Suburbs, you can still commute to the city center with little to no problem at all!

Perfect for Raising a Family

Just because the Paris Suburbs are called what they are, it doesn't automatically make them the most suitable neighborhoods for families. There are still numerous parts of the Paris Suburbs with notably high crime rates, after all. At the same time, however, there's also no denying that many of these neighborhoods truly are the best places to raise a family in Paris. Stick to the affluent suburbs like Neuilly-sur-Seine or Versailles, where you're guaranteed to be safe and a comfortable lifestyle. Saint Cloud is also a great choice, especially with its many prestigious educational institutions.

Why You Should Consider Living in The Paris Suburbs

Fine International Schools in Paris

As mentioned previously, some Paris Suburbs are home to the finest international schools in Paris. Saint Cloud, in particular, has the American School in Paris and the International German School of Paris. Orsay, on the other hand, has the Paris-Sud University. There are countless other prominent educational institutions in other parts of the Paris Suburbs, which further proves the previous point that these areas suit families the best. Your kids will love going to these amazing schools to learn, make new friends, play, and grow. What more could you ask for?

Made Up of International Communities

Part of why Paris is a great place is that it's a diverse city. Countless communities from around the world have settled down in the French capital, adding their own cultures to the city's already rich heritage. Are the Paris Suburbs just as diverse? Yes, they are! In fact, since it's commonly more affordable to live in the Paris Suburbs than in the central arrondissements, these areas may be a lot more diverse than the city center. Orsay is a good example. It's a university town that has drawn in hundreds, if not thousands of international students.

Why You Should Consider Living in The Paris Suburbs

Moving to Paris anytime soon? If you haven't decided which part of the city you'll move into, why not consider settling down in the Paris Suburbs instead? They're a lot more peaceful, generally safe, and just as beautiful as the city center!

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