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The 8 Best Spas in Los Angeles

January 09, 2024
Los Angeles is a city defined by leisure and luxury. One place that combines both of those in equal measure is a spa. If you could book a day in any of the best spas in Los Angeles, you've hit the jackpot. These hotspots are some of the best of the best, so much so that even A-list celebrities swear by them! Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills, for example, lets you achieve zen with utmost care. You could say the same about the Glen Ivy Hot Springs, which offers mineral baths for a more nature-centric rejuvenation. Any of these spas and more would make you feel like heaven!

The 8 Best Spas in Los Angeles

The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Where would you find the glitziest spa in the glitziest city in the world? In the glitziest hotel, of course! It's no secret that The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is among the most glamorous hotspots on the planet. It's the quintessential five-star hotel that's almost always filled to the brim with A-listers! So isn't it only natural that it also has one of the best spas in Los Angeles? You're welcomed with a glass of champagne the moment you walk in. Every treatment uses high-quality products from the most luxurious beauty brands, ensuring that you're red carpet-ready after your spa day!

Hotel Bel-Air Spa

Hotel Bel-Air Spa is not one to scoff at either! Located on Stone Canyon Road amidst the hilly neighborhoods of LA, this glamorous oasis of scintillating spa treatments and amazing amenities provides the most perfect of pampering. The place boasts seven spacious treatment rooms, steam rooms, a nail suite, and even a beauty salon by Joseph Hair & Beauty. Try the Bel-Air Bath Therapy, for example, which is a candlelit aromatherapy soak for about an hour and a half. The Soft and Smooth full-body exfoliation is another must-try, especially if you want to look your best in Los Angeles!

The 8 Best Spas in Los Angeles

Tomoko Spa

Would you prefer one of the finer day spas in Los Angeles instead? Look no further than Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills. Since it's located in one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in the world, it surely is a luxurious hotspot, right? Definitely! This Japanese-style spa offers the most soothing rituals from the beloved Eastern country, from unique massages to hot springs-like soaks. What's great about it is every session feels like you're visiting an onsen. After your therapy, you're treated to a sushi-filled feast in your suite, complete with hot sake and traditional Japanese sweets.

Milk + Honey

With a name like Milk + Honey, it's easy to think that this popular spa in the Brentwood neighborhood is all about dairy-filled baths. Wouldn't that be something? As delectable as that sounds, however, that's not what Milk + Honey Spa is all about. This Medispa is all about making you look and feel good the healthy way. Think deep-tissue massages that'll take the tenses away from your body. Expect exfoliating facials that'll rejuvenate your skin in more ways than one. You can even get waxed or get your nails done here too!

The 8 Best Spas in Los Angeles

One Spa

You'll find One Spa in Shutters by The Beach Hotel on Pico Boulevard, a seaside luxury accommodation right by one of the best beaches in Los Angeles. Its coastal location alone already makes it worth your while, what more with its treatments and amenities? One Spa boasts an impressive array of rituals and treatments that'll have you feeling as good as new in no time. From something as complex as a hot stone massage to a refreshing microcurrent facial, each session is worth every cent. And that's saying something considering that these treatments cost a lot!

Bamford Wellness Spa

In 1 Hotel West Hollywood, the Bamford Wellness Spa is all about nurturing your mind, body, and soul. British health guru Carole Bamford made sure to bring the relaxing traditions and ambiance of the English countryside to many of her spas around the world, including this one in LA. Comprehensive facials and intensive massages only scratch the surface of the kinds of relaxing rituals to expect in this beloved hotspot. With salt food baths and Himalayan stone massages on offer too, you're sure to get a spa day you won't ever forget!

The 8 Best Spas in Los Angeles

Surya Spa

The Surya Spa sounds exotic, doesn't it? As if it came from somewhere in the Far East, right? Well, you're close! Surya Spa is Santa Monica's treasure trove of Indian relaxation rituals. It offers many fascinating therapies from the South Asian country, including the ever-beloved Abhyanga massage. This is what most clients go here for. This four-handed massage soothes the body and lets it unwind, taking away all the stress along the way. With the use of crystals, oils, and more, you can enjoy a truly unique spa day in this hotspot!

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Admittedly, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs is technically not in LA. Located near the mouth of Cold Water Canyon in the Santa Ana mountain range, it's a fair distance away from Tinsel Town. But why is it still considered one of the best spas in Los Angeles? Because the city's elite locals don't mind taking the entire trip to this fabulous oasis of warm waters. Palm trees and sunshine amp up the tropical appeal of this resort-like spa, offering a complete experience of rejuvenation that's far from the quick escapes other spas on this list provide.

The 8 Best Spas in Los Angeles

For true relaxation and rejuvenation in Tinsel Town, retreat to the best spas in Los Angeles. These are the hotspots where the rich and famous get their high-class pampering. You deserve the same too!

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