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The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles

April 30, 2023
It's fairly easy to forget that Los Angeles is a coastal city. Since it's a busy city that's also home to Hollywood, most people think of it as a bustling metropolis akin to the likes of New York, Chicago, Seattle, and more. And while there are many parts of LA that are as urban as the aforementioned cities, let's not forget about its incredible beaches too. Paradise Cove Beach, El Matador State Beach, Dockwiler Beach, and Will Rogers State Beach are just some of the awesome coastlines by the “City of Angels.” They prove that LA is more than just your average big city. It's also paradise!

The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles

Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise Cove Beach is perhaps the most popular among the finest beaches in Los Angeles. Located in the sunny Malibu area, you'd know you reached the beach when you start to see surfboards perched all over the shoreline. The place itself is pretty postcard-worthy, complete with glistening turquoise waters, soft sand, and scenic landscape. With such a view, it's no wonder that Paradise Cove Beach has starred in a few Hollywood films itself. This coast is a movie star!
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Flickr.com/ ChrisGoldNY

El Matador State Beach

Another famous LA beach is El Matador State Beach, also located in the Malibu neighborhood of Los Angeles. If you're familiar with the famous Pacific Coast Highway, you'll know that it comes with a magnificent coastal view that's unlike any other. Movies, TV series, and commercials have been shot here, all featuring that dreamy landscape that includes El Matador State Beach. And when you get to the actual shoreline yourself, its many caves and coves offer even more incredible sights than initially expected!
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Manhattan Beach

Despite its name, Manhattan Beach isn't located in New York City. It's actually situated southwest of Los Angeles, a few miles from the city center. Although you'd need to reserve a whole day to get here and back, the beach is near enough that it's still considered part of the city. And it's here where people have the quintessential beach day. The most common thing to do around here is to play beach volleyball and then cool off in the sea afterward.
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Flickr.com/ Yngvar Johnsen

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Among the best beaches in Los Angeles, Leo Carrillo State Beach is the one you go to when you want to get closer to nature. As part of a larger nature park of the same name, this beach is as much a natural wonder as the sunny coasts in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. It may have its fair share of surfers and divers but that's because the flora and fauna here are amazing! The latter, in particular, is the main draw. If you want to see such stunning underwater life, this is where you'll find them.
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Traveler100

Will Rogers State Beach

Located on the western side of Pacific Palisades, Will Rogers State Beach is for active beachgoers. Whether you want to swim, snorkel, play beach volleyball, or go cycling, you can do all of that and more here! It helps that this miles-long stretch of sand and sea is so massive that it's divided into three separate sections. One is where the beach volleyball courts are, another had a biking trail, and the last one has a restaurant. What more could you ask for?
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Flickr.com/ Michael Newman

Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Malibu Lagoon State Beach is one of many awesome shorelines in the area that prove why Malibu is such a popular destination. With big waves and tidal pools on offer, this is the kind of beach where you'll spend most of your time at sea than on the shore. Sure, the sand here is soft enough that you can lie down all day and get a nice tan. But you'll miss out on its incredible waters if you do just what while you're here!
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Flickr.com/ Shinya Suzuki.

Malibu Surfrider Beach Park

Speaking of waves, they're pretty big over at Malibu Surfrider Beach Park too. The quintessential surfer spot among the best beaches in Los Angeles, you'd sooner be screaming 'Cowabunga!' before you even hit the water. Beyond its massive waves and incredible energy, Malibu Surfrider Beach Park also has this certain vibe that draws in surfers, bohemians, and the like. It's as if you're compelled to have fun here, even if you're not a surfer yourself. It's almost as if you're living out a surf movie set in LA too!
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

Without a doubt, Abalone Cove Shoreline Park is one of the best nature parks in Los Angeles. Of course, this also means that its beach is one of the finest in the area too. What makes it stand out is it's largely untouched, having preserved most of its natural wonders for all the world to see. From the tidal pools and coves to its underwater ecosystem, this is another suitable beach for those who want to be one with Mother Earth.
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Flickr.com/ carlfbagge

Dockweiler Beach

Truth be told, many of these beaches in Los Angeles are actually pretty far from the city center. More often than not, you'd have to go on a day trip if you want to spend some quality time on them. Dockweiler Beach, on the other hand, is a different story. Fairly close to the actual city itself, you can easily hang out on this shoreline and head right back to your luxury home in LA within a day. But unlike the famous Venice Beach (which is just as close to the city), Dockweiler Beach is a more peaceful alternative.
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Zuma Beach County Park

Zuma Beach County Park is perhaps the most family-friendly beach in Malibu. This isn't to say that the other shorelines on this list aren't suitable for families, it's just that this one, in particular, is safer for the little ones. With many lifeguards surveilling the area, it's not far-fetched to say that you'll be safer there than on the other beaches on this list. It's also a pretty massive coast too, stretching to at least a total of 2 miles of sand, sun, and sea!
The Top 10 Beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Dave Parker

The best beaches in Los Angeles prove that this city is more than just Hollywood and a bustling metropolis. It's as much of a summer destination as most tropical paradises out there. There are some exquisite coastlines in LA!

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