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Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

March 20, 2021
If you didn't see a show in the West End, did you really go to London? Seeing a play or musical at any of these world-famous theaters is practically a quintessential London activity. Just Like New York's Broadway, the West End provides the highest quality of theatrical entertainment. Some of today's biggest stars even got their first starts here. You won't see talent and production quite like the shows here. And when it's all done, you can head off to a number of first-class restaurants to your fill of fine food.

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End


Aqua Nueva

Sometimes, just watching a musical can leave you exhausted. After witnessing and listening to actors belt their hearts out on stage, you'd feel as if you did the deed yourself. And by the end of the show, you'll probably feel so hungry, you could eat a horse. Well, don't eat a horse! Eat at Aqua Nueva instead! This beautiful Spanish restaurant, rivaling the likes in Barcelona, stands at the heart of West End London, not to mention in the city's social scene too. Their hearty Mediterranean dishes will leave you satisfied after a two/three-hour show. 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Aqua Neva


Bone Daddies

Imagine seeing a sad play on the West End. Think about how much of a roller-coaster of emotions seeing such a show must be. And with the actors' fine talents on display, you'll end up with so many tears in your eyes, you'll no longer be able to see. However, you'll still be able to eat as you will surely need to after that. If you want some comfort food, head on over to Bone Daddies in SoHo for one of the ultimate comfort foods: ramen. You won't even need a reservation to go here. Just enter, order, and slurp your noodles away! 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Bone Daddies



There are many shows in the West End that will end quite late. At times, some plays will go on and on and on that by the end of the night, it's already the next day. When that happens, how will you ever be able to still have a pick-me-up? A lot of places nearby must have already closed, right? Well, not the famous bar, Christopher's! This late-night establishment stays open up until 1:30 am and serves some delectable munchies with delicious London-style cocktails. It's the perfect end to a night at the theater! 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Christopher's



Late for your show? That's typical. What with all the London traffic and the rush hour in the tube, even if you prepared hours to go to the theater, there's still a big chance you might be late. And this often causes you to forego dinner and just head straight to the theater. However, if you happen to luck out with a bit more time. it won't hurt to stop by the Mexican place Condesa. They serve some mean tapas here, bite-sized to perfection but still full of flavor. 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Condesa



What is it about the theater that makes you crave for something sweet afterward? Is it the intensity of the acting? The range of the vocals? The impact of the production? Perhaps, it's all those things and more! It doesn't matter why you'd suddenly crave something sweet after seeing a show in London's West End. What matters is that you satisfy those cravings! Luckily, Morelli's is just nearby! Here, you'll get a hearty serving of some of the best gelato in all of London, almost as good the authentic Italian dessert. The rich texture and strong flavors will definitely satisfy your cravings!  

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Morelli's



There are certain shows in the West End that will leave you wanting more. Especially when it's a musical. The songs you just heard onstage will likely stay in your head for quite some time after. You'll suddenly hear yourself humming or even singing the words as you walk along the famous district. So, if it's music and food you're after, look no further than the nearby Notes cafe. A combination of a music and coffee shop, it's all about sweet pastries and even sweeter sounds here. Just wish they have the soundtrack of the musical you just watched! 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Notes Coffee Facebook Page



Oftentimes, it's simply better to eat dinner before going to the theater. Read the reviews of the show you're going to watch beforehand. If the reviews say that the play is quite intense⁠—as many dramatic plays in the West End are⁠—you'll have to eat first in order to fully absorb it all. If you're looking for a hearty meal for that, why not try some Italian food at Polpo? Internationally revered by the Michelin Guide no less, they serve some of the finest pasta and pizza this side of the British capital! 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Polpo


Roux at the Landau

The French aren't necessarily Britain's closest allies but they sure do love their food! Near the West End theater's, there's one place that's sure to tickle your French fancies: Roux at the Landau. This place has become so popular that they now do weddings as well. Here, you can taste some of the finest French dishes in all of London, all the while drinking some first-class champagne for that authentic luxurious London dining experience. It's always such a welcome treat eating here before or after you watch a West End show! 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Roux at the Landau


Shuang Shuang

There's just something about a good hotpot that soothes the soul. It's like chicken soup, only better. And after watching an intensely emotional West End play, you'd probably just want soups to wash all of your emotions down. Fortunately, there's an excellent hotpot place near many West End theaters called Shuang Shuang. Here, they serve fine Asian dishes to satisfy any Londoner's (and tourist’) cravings. More than just their hotpot, you can also get amazing dumplings and noodles here. They're the perfect nightcap to end quite a night in the theater. 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Shuang Shuang Facebook Page



Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without one spot that serves some delectable British cuisine. And in the West End area, that only means one place: Tredwell's! Roast beef, Cornish hake, scallops⁠—delectable dishes that define British cuisine. Perhaps the most impressive about this place is their sustainable values. They take pride in only using organic produce. For a hearty meal before or after your show, look no further than this hotspot. Talk about "quintessentially London," it doesn't get any better than this! 

Must-Try London Restaurants Near The West End

Source: Tredwell's


Complete your West End experience with a great meal before or after the show. From hearty dinners to delectable desserts, you have a wide range of dining hotspots at your disposal when you come to this Internationally-revered side of London.




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